Cliftonville in Bloom

Judges were again blown away by last year’s winners Penny and Terry in Godwin Road and awarded a SPECIAL MERIT for Best Front Garden and TOP PRIZE for BEST PLANTERS. Their planting, variety of plants, colour and full-to-bursting containers left the judges more than impressed. Paul from Garden Gate talked about the “harmonious colour palette” and Liz from Secret Garden Florist said: “The more you look the more you see. You can’t believe how many flowers are squeezed into a small space.”15.7.2015 compcomp 2comp



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4 responses to “Cliftonville in Bloom

  1. Oh Congratulations that is beautiful. All your hard work paid off well done.
    That sure is a sight to see really lovely
    Sheila xx

  2. penelopephoebe

    Thanks Sheila.

  3. Hello My Darling. Think’ ’bout U/Argylle. I moved into assisted living as stuff getting tougher to manage. I’m as good as can be but challenging. I often think about blogging once again…Perhaps. Also wanted to let you know 8 November, 2015 I give a poetry reading to a live audience…hopefully still alive at end of programme. LOL I have promised that the last audience member awake will win a door prize (I so hope it’s me.). ‘scusa the polo ponies are snuffling through the undies drawer looking for batteries for the remote. BIG SMILES

    • penelopephoebe

      How wonderful to hear from you after such a while, Happy. I missed your blogs and poetry so much. I hope all goes well for you, today and every other. Take care, my friend. Penny.

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