One little tumble

In my younger years, if I should fall, I would leap to my feet, as if on a piece of elastic, for fear anyone saw what had happened. Four days ago, I tripped on the final step of our stairs and sprawled across it, twisting on my way down. The next day, having twisted my knee and badly jarred my arthritic hip I could not put any weight on my leg and scared the life out of the dogs by shrieking in pain when I sat down. Lying down was a farce, involving Terry’s help and many strategically placed pillows. Unashamed by my apparent inability to cope with pain, I consumed as many strong painkillers as allowed. Four days on and I am still limping with difficulty and my knee chooses to give out at odd moments.

If I needed a salutary warning that I am not the limber woman of my youth, this was it. The pain will pass but I think the slight fear of a repeat event will stay much longer.

Without Terry taking charge and tending to my needs and all household chores, I would have been lost. I feel for all people who do not have a caring partner to help in times like this. My man deserves a medal.



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11 responses to “One little tumble

  1. He certainly does my sweet friend, I hope that your tumble injuries soon heal and the confidence will return, anyone can trip up, and I have done this a few times, including this morning.

    Over the weekend part of my fence blew over so in the clean up and break up of the said fence I managed to fall on my ass. Luckily nobody was watching as I chose an early start for the job but it made me laugh, having put my foot through the fence panel I had no place to go but down πŸ™‚ lol

    I haven’t hurt myself though, I wish that you hadn’t either but keep resting your leg, and Terry who is a knight in shining armour will be on hand to help you, which is really nice I think. I will be thinking of you today Penny and sending you my most positive of vibes for a quick recovery.

    Take care my dear friend πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Andro xxxx

    • penelopephoebe

      Thanks, Andro. I hope your fence is now fixed okay. The storm did no damage here though we did have a lot of rain. Take care. Pen.

  2. Sending lot sof healing hugs and thoughts from me & TigrX. Hope it feels much better soon xxx

  3. Ouch Pen sounds nasty , hope it is healing well and you are feeling less battered . Terry is good , take care hugs coming your way.
    Sheila xx

  4. Hiya Pen!

    Good on Terry for helping you out! I do remember him from the WLS days when he was briefly on-line. Though I don’t think he’ll remember me though lol!

    Don’t let it tak your confidence though, Pen! Even if you have to use a walking stick or zimmerframe, keep your confidence and independence. I saw this show a few years back where they put a group of pensioners (not that you’re 80 odd) who were considered too frail to look after themselves in to a house together. Because they’d been given their independence back they became more mobile again and looked after themselves just fine. Because experts tell them to ‘relax’ and that they’re not strong enough anymore that they become so house and even chair bound.

    Obviously, if you feel you can do it then do it, but if you’ve really hurt yourself don’t take my advice. Ultimately though, just don’t let it shake your onfidence in yourself! :O)

    And yes, Terry deserves a badge! I hear Blue Peter hand them out for such actions! lol πŸ˜‰

    Hope you’re having a good weekend Pen and the pain has eazed off for ya! :O)

    – Phil

  5. penelopephoebe

    Hiya Phil.Of course Terry remembers you. He always enjoyed your posts. Thanks for the advice. Take care. Pen.

  6. Oh I do hope you recover soon. I haven’t taken a big fall yet in my life, but so many time I have almost done it. In the forest alone catching me pants on a stick. Almost slipping on ice. My biggest fear is my stairs in my house. I too am so bad with pain. I think I would want to just stay medicated till it all passed. Sending lots of healing energy..

  7. penelopephoebe

    Thank you Carrie. Pain really is such a bore.

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