Summer bedding has begun



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10 responses to “Summer bedding has begun

  1. A magnificent display Penny! We got to tulips and daffs and stopped here. Some small shoots appearing but nowhere near as advanced as these.
    Your front door is identical to the one at my parents old house – knocker and all!

    • penelopephoebe

      Thank you Sarah. I have a tiny, front garden and just try to cram as much as possible into it.
      I bet the brass on your parents old door was a lot shinier than ours.

  2. Small can make a far bigger impact because its a limited and often unexpected splash of colour and with less space to cover perhaps easier – though not necessarily simpler to plan (if you see what I mean).
    No the brass was sadly verdigris green for 90% of the time

  3. Wow what an array of colour Pen your baskets are great, you certainly have made the most of your small space. So very pretty.
    Have a good day
    Sheila x

  4. Your plants and flowers are really stunning Penny and the display outside your home is brilliant, with all these lovely colours it certainly adds to the excitement of summer 🙂 I can see that you are an expert when it comes down to choosing the flowers for your hanging baskets 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of
    day my sweet and great friend 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  5. Your flowers are blooming beauties. I have been gone for 10 days I just hope when I get back mine will be filled out and blooming. They have had to endure a lot of rain. So nice to see your flowers doing so beautifully. Happy Summer to you.

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