You’ve gotta be kidding.

Terry went down to the local dog grooming shop yesterday to enquire about their rates for bathing a Newfoundland dog. £40 quid!! I woke up this morning, determined to do the job. I mean, how hard can it be? Wendell loves his bath but Hudson has not had the full on, suds job since he was 4 months old. Armed with an armful of old towels, treats and a waterproof toy, Terry and I trooped upstairs, calling Hudson to follow. Not a chance! After much persuasion, we arrived in the bathroom. Half an hour later we just had to concede defeat. He was not getting into that bath for anybody. All the cuddling, persuading and cajoling would not work. He is impossible to lift and lay on the floor as if glued to it. Not even the sight of Wendell jumping joyfully into the water could persuade him; yet he will splash in the sea for ages, even in this weather. £40 quid now seems cheap at the price. They are more than welcome to do the impossible.



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27 responses to “You’ve gotta be kidding.

  1. Maybe he knows what is available in shop in comparison to bath?

  2. Oh dear. It’s a pity you’re quite so far away, isn’t there anyone who could give you a hand with him? only £40 is an awful lot.

    • penelopephoebe

      Yes, £40 is a lot of money but the fuss involved, the headache I developed and the obvious fear poor Hudson was feeling, make a second attempt unlikely, even with more helping hands, Sarah.

  3. wait for warmer weather, go into garden with suitable clothing and wellies, use the hosepipe to wet and hands to soap and rinse off feeding treats every few minutes. voila .personal experience from havind large dog and a park with highland cattle and plenty of cowpats for him to roll in.

  4. What a carry on Pen , I think you are right he just didn’t like the thought of getting into that bath. oh well £40 spent well in the end.
    Sheila xxx good Luck

  5. lmao, my og was like that although never needed the hair dresser. He’d jump over a puddle sooner than get his feet wet yet if there was a pond or some sea he’d be straight in it no messing lmao xx

  6. Robin

    Doggy deodorant? LOL. Well it’s an idea.

  7. Androgoth

    Now that is a lot of money for that, and even I could do better, okay so I might get soap all over the place, be a tad wicked with the clippers and probably fall into the bath tub but £40 is ridiculous… I am so pleased that you are doing this grooming lark for yourself and if you get stuck then I will be over there to help out, now how about that for a ghoulish idea? 🙂

    Thank you for always calling into my Space Penny and although I am taking a bit of time out, I will be calling by to add something here, there nad well anywhere I like I guess? 🙂 Cheeky or what? 🙂 lol

    Have a wonderful rest of Valentine’s Evening and don’t be getting up to anything too adventurous or else? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  8. Androgoth

    BTW – ‘Nad’ is another word for ‘And’
    but it is usually used by simpletons and
    loony-tunes 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  9. Bathing my Bouvier was just like that!!! Though I did find washing him in the shower easier than getting him into the bath … but it meant we both had the full body treatment!!! A little easier in summer .. though bikini & wellies made quite a weird picture!! Sounds like you need to take a trip to the coast or a pond for him to bathe himself!!

    • penelopephoebe

      We live on the coast, Tricia and Hudson loves the sea. I just thought warm suds might be better. I guess he will have to make do with cold, salty water. I can just imagine you in wellies and a bikini:>)

  10. Androgoth

    Have a lovely weekend Penny, the sun is shining here but the weather is a tad deceiving, in other words it is definitely and most positively ‘Freezing Cold’ so no way am I doing any of that skinny dipping just yet 😦 lol

    Be good now or else? 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  11. Hello Dear Penny. If I should ever be cleared for air flight, I shall cleanse a 2nd pet (?) for <FancyL40. Perhaps 30? I can so commisserate. One can only image the tempestuosity of polo pony baths…ah hem. I am so thrilled to see this familiar site, with the usual lushness of graphics, photographic splendours and other garnitures. I must scout around thy site and see where the poem selections are being kept. Big Smiles

    • penelopephoebe

      Hiya Happy…am so happy to read your comment:>) Unfortunately, I have lost my muse and no longer write poetry….good to see you still do.

  12. Androgoth

    I hope you are enjoying your week Penny it is finally starting to warm up a little so get your feet into the water and get some mean paddling done 🙂 😉 Have a lovely Wednesday Penny and be good 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  13. Androgoth

    Hey I am just checking in to see where you have got to? I do hope that you are okay my great friend, hopefully getting ready for some warmer weather to show up 🙂

    Call by soon and let me know what you
    are getting up to, yes I know, how nosy of me 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  14. Androgoth

    It is an age since I last saw you on WP penny
    and I hope that you are just taking some time out
    from blogging and not poorly or anything 😦

    When you come back, call into my Space and
    let me know that you are alright my great friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  15. Androgoth

    Have a wonderful weekend Penny 🙂 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  16. Hi Penny thanks for coming by for a visit. I was just reading some past blogs here and this one caught my eyes. I use to bath my dog in the creek or lake or where ever was available. He loved going into these waters and was always completely rinsed after. Of course I had to go in as well so most the baths were done in the summer. If he fetches sticks a good one is to suds him up after getting wet then send him out for a few retrieves and hopeful most the soap will be gone. Might have to pour a few buckets over the top to rinse the back. I so feel for you I can’t imagine trying to bath such a huge dog. Hugs Carrie

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