Just when you think things could get no worse.

Terry signed off JSA 3 weeks ago and signed up for pension credits. Easy peasie, you might think. The department of works and pensions has taken all this time to close Terry’s account and it will still not be finalised for another 4 working days. Meanwhile, the pension credit people’s hands are tied until the account is finalised and then we have to wait another 10 working days.  “Get a crisis loan”, they say blithely. Terry was on the phone for over two hours, this morning and the upshot is we can have a loan of £136.28 to tide us over until after the sixth of October. Tide us over!!!! 2 Dogs, 2 cats, 2 humans to feed, plus gas, electricity, sundries and other living expenses….means hard times are ahead. Obviously, the pets come first, so a really unhealthy diet of cheap frozen sausages and chips is forecast for the foreseeable future. I would scream and shout if I thought it would help but really, it is just a time to duck down behind the parapet and get on as best we can. Maybe we shall have a better year, after this dreadful one we are living through.

The phone may get cut off and if it does, I shall lose my internet connection. Hey ho, on we go.   



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21 responses to “Just when you think things could get no worse.

  1. Always the way isn’t it. Good with the bad. Send Terry off with a cloth cap and two doggies with pleading eyes to play a comb and paper one man band, that’ll earn a crust.
    Seriously though, I hope you manage and make ends meet before the money comes in.

  2. penelopephoebe

    You cheeky minx, you. We are used to hard times, Anne, though in the past, we were accustomed to good times. I would say “life is a roller coaster” but I would have to slap myself. I know you have had your fair share of hard times. I look to you for inspiration.

  3. Robin

    It’s about time your luck changed. So stressful for you both.

  4. Most public libraries offer members an hour of free internet use daily – you can’t always add photos but you can stay in touch. In fact main branches of public libraries are well useful as they are somewhere light and warm to hang out that isn’t your place – often they have events happening, readings and craft fairs and the like too. Just a thought Hopefully they’ll sort things soon (((Hugs)))

    • penelopephoebe

      Thanks Sarah. I have been known to take advantage of the library in winter for its vast selection of books which I can read in the warm. Using their internet would not quite be the same. It is only a couple of weeks or so, before our finances are sorted.
      We have hundreds of books here at home and I may even get back into my poetry.

  5. Oh dear Penny I do hope it all soon works out for you! I can remember it taking me a while to sort out my pension credit. Sending you both good wishes for a speedy ending to it all.

  6. Flipping heck Pen I do hope all get’s sorted out very soon for you both. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  7. Crossed fingers they sort it soon for you, not the nicest thing to be going through after everything else this year!

  8. Androgoth

    They must be on another Planet thinking that is enough to keep you ticking over? They employ idiots these days Penny, I just hope that you can cope until they sort everything out for you… Maybe family can help? Yes I know, you don’t like to bother them but when the chips are down then families can often help out a lot and I hope this is the case for you… In the meantime get cracking with some soups and stews, now those are lovely to eat anytime and I certainly enjoy a good soup or stew, well just as long as it is not being created by one of those Ghouls or Zombies 🙂 lol

    I hope that your weekend is a good one Penny and that you are hearing from those… Loons sooner than later… Hmm… £136.28 blimey are they sure that they can spare ALL that… Cheeky Booooooooogars 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • penelopephoebe

      Thanks Andro. It is a ridiculously small amount of money and it is only a loan, after all. We shall cope, though. Thankfully I have a good store of dry goods. Time to get inventive.

      • Androgoth

        How are you getting along now Penny? 🙂
        I hope that you have made some soups and
        stews I love those you know, I like to dip my
        bloomer in it, nooooooo not my bloomers 🙂
        My Bread of Course, and with some lovely
        butter on too, well margarine then but it is
        still a nice treat 🙂 Do you enjoy a nice stir
        fry sometimes Penny? You can get those
        from supermarkets and are very reasonable
        on price, well I wouldn’t recommend anything
        that I wouldn’t enjoy and if you add some tika
        chicken and fresh tomato in there… Well it is
        a lovely meal you know 🙂 Yes I’m wittering lol

        Have a wonderful rest of weekend Penny 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  9. jennygoth

    its mad pen they really dont care but then cameron did all this he gets rid of everyones jobs then treats them like low life when they have to claim jsa if he had his way he would have the disabled slaughtered and jsa claimers out working in the fields while he has his 10 downing street altered to his liking costing 30 000 aww a big rant that one hope your sorted soon xxjen

  10. It seems you made it through the storm. For whatever it might be worth . . . you are not alone. Its bad everywhere. Here in the US, we don’t even provide the little you in the UK get. We have people that have worked a lifetime only to have their retirements stolen by corrupt corporations. What little they get from the Social Security they paid into at a rate great than income tax is now endangered by a bunch of politicans looking out for no one but themselves. And don’t get me started on healthcare. Sorry, I get all riled up when I hear stories like yours. It is beyond not fair.

    Hope things are better for you now.

  11. -może być tylko lepiej ,potrzebnanam ręka,która zostanie nam podana i serce drugiego człowieka……

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