Another perfect day

We had another perfect day at the beach, today. The boys frolicked on the beach together and Hudson got his feet wet in the sea for the first time. He met a beautiful retriever and played with her for a while, whilst Wendell stood by, quietly, for once. They are fast asleep, under my feet now…..happy days.



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6 responses to “Another perfect day

  1. Androgoth

    What a truly wonderful day on the beach Penny,
    I like every one of your photographs too, you have
    a keen eye with that Camera of yours… Perhaps it
    is all those Carrots? lol Just kidding, although it is
    said that for every Carrot eaten after midnight, the
    wickedness to see almost everything in the Night
    brings on a whole new meaning to Voyeurism…

    Not sure who said it but when you
    think about it in detail, what a load
    of absolute rubbish it sounds…

    Actually I have just made it up so there… lol
    Have a lovely rest of evening and lots of funtastic
    moments over the weekend…

    Androgoth XXx

  2. Curiosity abounds

    That’s just the sort of day I could do with! Perfect for blowing off the cobwebs.

  3. Fab day Pen don’t they both look so happy playing together.

  4. penelopephoebe

    They love playing together, Sheila and I love watching them.

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