What a Lump

When my kids were young, I bought them a book called “What a mess”. It was about a dog who thought that What a mess was his name, because everyone said it when they saw him. Well, I think Hudson probably thinks his name is What a Lump, because he hears it constantly. He is growing so quickly and at 14 weeks his paws are as big as my hand and he weighs in at over 2 1/2 stones.


I have never come across a dog with such an appetite, before. He is food obsessed and is a nuisance in the kitchen, albeit an adorable one. Training has begun in earnest, already, because he is going to be a really large dog. The upside of his greed is he will do almost anything for a piece of chicken breast or a dog treat. Unlike the bellicose Wendell, Hudson loves everybody and all dogs. His tail is set on auto wag all day long. He also walks to heel, perfectly and is well on his way to being completely toilet trained.

Wendell is over the moon with his new playmate. When they play chase, it is like having a herd of elephants in the house. The cats are not amused. We look forward to many happy years with our boys.



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8 responses to “What a Lump

  1. You are certainly going to have lots of tales of tails with those two lads by the look of it.

  2. Androgoth

    This is really great Penny, I always like
    to see that togetherness with all our pets
    and I can see that you have a bundle of
    joy here in Hudson… Wendell and the
    cats certainly approve of him and why
    not? He sounds absolutely wicked to me
    too… I am sure that you will have many
    hours of fun, and receive lots of love
    from not only Hudson, but all of your
    lovely family of pets… A great posting
    this one Penny and thank you for giving
    us such a wonderful treat in reading it…

    Have a lovely Friday now and be good…

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Buddy is up to 100 lbs. and still has 15 or 20 to go but he doesn’t seem to realize just how big he is yet…..especially when he decide to sit in Frankie’s lap!

  4. What a joy Pen bet you are so pleased you found this big Lad.

  5. penelopephoebe

    He is gorgeous but he can never take my heart away from Wendell, my crazy number one dog.

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