Still not there

Having given up smoking for three months, I am more than a little disappointed in myself for giving in to it again, last night. Terry and I had one of our infrequent but spectacular rows that appear out of nowhere and I went straight to my once oft crutch and lit up. Strangely, I have not woken this morning with the old craving, for which I am grateful but I still feel weak and foolish for my failure. Oh well, forward and onward.



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5 responses to “Still not there

  1. Robin

    Hi Penny, you’ve done really well so don’t beat your self up over it.
    It’s good you didn’t wake up craving another one. x

    • penelopephoebe

      Thanks, Robin. A whole day has gone by without me wanting another, so I am lucky. Terry is buying me a surprise present today, bless. He really hates it when we argue.

      • Androgoth

        Yes I think it will be a big box of chocolates, some flowers and a really nice kiss… Well I am certainly hoping so anyway…

        Androgoth XXx

  2. Androgoth

    Well I guess we can forgive you Penny after all you were pushed into it, sort of… Besides you have not had the dreaded cravings as an after effect so that is excellent news, just put it behind you and keep on with your quest… You will get there so no worries on that score… Have a lovely rest of week now Penny and be good too…

    Androgoth XXx

    • penelopephoebe

      Thanks Andro. My present is a new puppy, although I think Wendell believes Morgan is his buddy.

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