I did ponder the wisdom of publicising my latest attempt to give up smoking. All other attempts have ended in a debacle and I am sure there are many, my family included, that have little faith in my ability to give up the filthy weed.This time is different, though; I am not going cold turkey. I shall be using patches and an inhalator. I have just received my Quit Kit which seems to be aimed at people with an IQ of forty but maybe I am being unkind. It includes a twisty toy for fidgeting with, which may prove useful in times of stress. We shall see. Anyway, I have included a few snaps of the contents of the Quit kit. Forward and onward, Pen.



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18 responses to “QUIT KIT and GIVING UP SMOKING

  1. Oh Good Luck Pen interesting little Kit you have there. Good Luck xxSheila

  2. Hang in there, Pen; we’re pulling for you. I know first hand just how tough it can be. Three years ago I quit after a pack a day for 40 years. After suffering a sudden bronchial asthma attack I was diagnosed with COPD. Tests revealed that my lung capacity is down to 40% and that will never improve. The doctor really got my attention when she told me that if I didn’t quit I’d almost certainly be carrying an oxygen bottle within a year and dead within 5.

  3. Robin

    Hello Penny,
    Never give up trying to giving up!
    That’s my advice.
    Love the kit!
    Where i live they hold ‘group meetings’ for support but i know you aren’t a ‘groupy ‘ . LOL
    Sending calming vibes. xxx love Robin/ Beth. LOL

    • penelopephoebe

      Cheers Robin. You know me well. Group therapy is not for me. I shall continue on in my own way.

  4. andro51

    Right Penny with all this in your favour I expect some astonishing results for all of your fine efforts, of course if you should stray from the path then I shall have to send the Zombies round and their guide to none smoking methods are somewhat ghoulish to say the least… I think the patches and inhaler are the wisest of choices and soon you will be completely weed free as they say in Alan Titmarsh land anyway… I wonder what happened to that loon? lol Just joking… Good luck with your quest Penny…

    Androgoth XXx

    • penelopephoebe

      Doing my best, Andro. The threat of zombies helps. Thanks for your support.

      • andro51

        Yes well the Zombies are just stage one, wait until you see that Skeleton with the biggest bone that you have ever seen, yes his toe bone is rather unique you know? lol Be good today or else?

        Androgoth XXx

  5. andro51

    Thank you for calling by and adding your kind thoughts Penny, it is much appreciated my great friend… Have a really lovely weekend now and relax too, oh yes and be good… lol Just kidding

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Jen

    Smoking is really bad, Pen! It’s really wise for you to quit it!

  7. jennyozzy

    if you have a good willpower you will beat it good luck xxjen

  8. Hi Penny,
    How are you getting along now? Are the patches and the inhalator working for you? I was speaking with my Union Rep today, and she admitted that she has quit smoking. I think it is very early days for her, she was wearing a patch, and she said that she had a terrible headache. I’m not sure if that’s down to nicotine withdrawal or stress. Possibly a bit of both? I’m glad you liked the picture of the Dress on my space. We had a lovely family party last night. We ended the evening by looking at old family photographs..If drew publishes any of me on Facebook there’s gonna be trouble LOL
    mags x

    • penelopephoebe

      Hiya Mags. The no smoking is going patchy (snort) but it is blue murder, even with the inhalator, which has weird side effects. Sounds like you had a great evening yesterday. I do hope pics get published:>)

  9. andro51

    Thank you for calling by today Penny I appreciate your comments on my Space and you are always welcome to call by you know that… So, how is this non smoking lark going are you managing to fight off the pangs? I bet you have become a bit of a Jelly Baby fiend or is it strawberry and lemon flavoured lollipops?

    Well anything is better than those ciggies so I am hoping that you are doing great with stopping smoking… Good luck with it and don’t be giving in to those cravings I know it must be difficult but remember there’s a hoard of Skeletons just itching to breach your Space if you as much as think about having one… lol Just kidding Penny have a lovely day now, and in the Sunshine I hope?

    Androgoth XXx

  10. penelopephoebe

    Thank you for such kind words, Andro. Your encouragement really helps. Just off to the beach now. See ya! Pen.

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