Predictably so.

Christmas and New Year came and went as if they never happened. One son phoned, the other did not. At least we ate well for a couple of days.

Now, the year starts as it will probably continue; our money was not in the bank today. The entire day was spent making phone calls and waiting for responding calls and still no money. We have no gas, very little electric, no fags and no food or coffee. Dinner was a pretend roast of stuffing, cabbage and gravy. Yep, not even a potato, grain of rice, slice of bread or whatever else to grace our plates. This is not good for a ravenous carnivore such as myself.

I know I am moaning but I really am fed up with this subsistence. I wish I was thirty years old again and working hard in a warm kitchen. In winter, the commute may have been cold but once I arrived at work and had my first coffee, I was warm as toast. Ah, those were the days.

Wendell can hear how hard I am tapping these keys and is looking concerned….to bark or not to bark. At least the pets have eaten, because we always stock up on plenty, just in case. Hmmm I wonder if dog food tastes that bad!?!



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8 responses to “Predictably so.

  1. Pat .

    I am sorry to hear that things are so bad. I hope the money comes through very soon. (((Pen)))

  2. I was asking myself the same thing about dog food today. Gasoline prices have started to rise and are expected to nearly double by summer. Meanwhile, the cost of living adjustment for my disability retirement pension has been withheld for the second year in a row.

  3. Robin

    Why do they not get money in the bank on time? It’s not right. Can’t you write or phone and complain Penny. Bring back the benefit books at least that way the money was there on time.
    Take care Penny.x

  4. Pen I can only say I hope it gets better for you. Blinking banks the less about those people the better!!Warm Wishes xx

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