Curtain Twitcher

I know it is cold now, because my cats , who normally spend their days squabbling and competing for favour, are now cuddled together. It is difficult to make out where one cat begins and the other ends. I have rediscovered the joys of typing with gloves on. We are just managing to avoid the snow here, which is one thing to be grateful for.  Our local butcher is selling three pheasant for a tenner, so guess what we have for dinner tonight. Using the oven will warm the place up a tad.

Wendell has become a curtain twitcher extraordinaire. I had to remove a plant from the table for fear of him nudging it to get a better view. He growls at any passers by but saves his barks for people who enter our front gate. On that warming note I shall bid adieu.




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11 responses to “Curtain Twitcher

  1. Hope you manage to stay nice and warm… layers, layers and even more layers are the answer ( and it helps if you have a nice hotwater bottle and fluffy bedsocks says she who went to bed with vest, jimjams, socks and piglet and was just about warm enough ).

    • penelopephoebe

      Thanks, Eileen. Yep, I have covered myself in many layers but am reserving the hot water bottle for bed time. Take care. Pen.

  2. jennyozzy

    love that dog lol hope you are well n keeping warm xxjen

  3. Ahh he’s doing his job 🙂 we have lots of snow now and I am sad, keep warm Pen love Karen x

  4. Pat .

    Your site is snowing too!
    Good luck with the early winter – it was on the news tonight – Britain at a standstill – again!
    It has been really hot here; our first big stretch of summer weather – and golf tomorrow!

  5. Gosh Wendell looking out looks lovely has grown so much now. I love the snow falling on your space here Pen. Keep warm xxSheila

    • penelopephoebe

      Hiya Sheila. Wendell turned out to be a medium dog and not the scrap I expected…still love him to bits, though.

  6. andro51

    Yes he’s definitely a cute character that’s for sure, actually I find him rather pleasant with his growls and barks, it’s his way of cheering the mood… Well I bet the Postman looks left, right and up and down when he hears him growling… Just in case… I like this picture of him too, he’s a very nice looking dog…

    Androgoth XXx

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