Comfort in Custom

Terry and I receive our money fortnightly and it is not a fortune. When we first moved here, we really struggled to budget our money. After a while, we decided to buy our groceries for the following fortnight on money day, pay any bills and any remaining money would pay for our smokes. On money day, having done our gruelling shop, we sit at the kitchen table to admire and unpack our purchases. This is the only time we have an alcoholic drink and I find we take comfort in this custom. It is a time when we can relax, not feel especially broke and have fun making up the meals that can be cooked with our current purchases. When we were working in London and earning good money, I would spend almost as much as our current fortnightly food budget on a huge bunch of exotic flowers. I do not miss those days of profligacy but understand, now, that I am a grasshopper by nature and must take care to appreciate what I have.



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8 responses to “Comfort in Custom

  1. I’ve always struggled with money and making it go the distance required, it’s a hard thing to do. I hope things improve for you soon.

  2. Pat .

    Customs can be comforting – you certainly deserve a drink after doing such a huge shop. I am not convinced about spending any money on smokes though. I know that you have tried to give up before, but you really need to try again I think (and not primarily for the money savings). Is there some government help you can get – a “quit line” and/or subsidized nicotine patches?
    I know you don’t want to get such advice – but I owe it to you as a friend. You owe it to your children and your grand-children to reduce your chances of suffering a horrible death.

    • penelopephoebe

      You are such a sweetie, Pat…a caring person. I am thinking of trying one of the aids to giving up smoking. Who knows, it may work. You know I want to give up.

      • Pat .

        I am glad you took my advice as meant. Do a bit of research about how best to give up and get help to do it (and, of course, Terry too).

  3. andro51

    You would be amazed at what wickedly exquisite meals you can create on just a shoe string my great friend, home made soups, stews and the like may seem a tad boring to some but I think they are wicked, even a nicely offered salad can hit the spot, I am not mocking you by the way, I genuinely believe that there are some fine recipes that will whet both of your appetites, and even have room for a nice wine to compliment them… Some ghoulish planning and an insight to creative cooking is all you require, het you could even get Terry into an Apron and enjoy the wickedness of gourmet naughtiness… Well enough said there me thinks? lol But there truly are some wicked foods out there… Just need to have an open mind I guess and the willingness to try lots of inventive treats, I mean recipes… lol Have a lovely rest of evening Penny and remember a good wholesome soup is as good as any meal… Be good now…

    Androgoth XXx

  4. andro51

    And if you were wondering what ‘het’ means? Well it is Hungarian for ‘I Haven’t A Clue’ lol

    Androgoth XXx

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