There are days when it is so obvious Wendell is Terry’s dog, I am horribly jealous. I know this is wrong but Wendell was my supposed to be my companion and he adores Terry, instead. I even thought about getting a second dog, to compensate. Of course, I realise the error of my thinking because I love my dog regardless and a new addition to our family might alter the dynamics. Maybe I should just be pleased that Terry and Wendell have bonded so well and get my pleasure from watching them together.



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12 responses to “Jealous

  1. Pat .

    That is bad luck. It might be something to do with pack dynamics – perhaps Wendell sees Terry as the alpha male – you need to change that!!

  2. andro51

    My dear friend Penny, you know I have heard of this before, in fact many times but let me enlighten you, our pets do not favour one against the other, they simply love the one’s that love them, it is a two way street but dogs and cats or whatever don’t just feel love for one whom loves them.

    This you can be sure of, so don’t feel jealous anymore just enjoy those precious moments that are YOU and WENDELL.

    Be very well Penny…

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Rocket Man

    Our Sam was supposed to belong to our daughter, Laura but I’ve come to believe that we belong to him rather than the other way around. He’s still Laura’s dog but he’s Frankie’s baby and my best buddy. I don’t think he loves any of us more than another, he just relates to each of us in a different manner.

  4. andro51

    Have a lovely rest of weekend Penny and watch out for those cheeky Zombies, they have long arms and pinchy fingers… lol

    Well some of them do anyway… Nip, Nip..

    Be good now

    Androgoth XXx

  5. You can never tell who an animal take after , just as it is hard to have a favorite cat here

  6. Evening Pen,
    & thanks for the link ((hugs))
    there’s nothing wrong with wanting something just for you Pen, and that’s all you were saying with this piece, we all get hit between the eyes with jealousy at some point no matter how rational we like to think we are, sign of a passionate person methinks. xxXxx

    • penelopephoebe

      Hiya Debs. Thanx for finding me. I know this is not the same as WLS but it makes a good base to start from again.

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