It is cold and damp here. The beach is deserted at this time of year, apart from of a few of us hardy dog walkers. Wendell is fearless, regarding the freezing cold sea; crazy creature that he is.

My graphics card is still giving me problems, so I have turned it’s driver off and am relying on the integrated graphics thingy for now. This limits various things I could do before. No duel screen, etc..

It is money day today and I am off shopping in a little while. I am fixating on lamb chops for some reason. We shall see. Right then, better get on. Take care. Pen.



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7 responses to “Fearless

  1. Lamb chops…do you have Spring on your mind!
    My daughter is down your way visiting her blokes grandad who will meet Isobel for the first time. He is quite ill and in hospital and has MRSA so a lot of care will have to be taken to prevent her picking any nasties up. He may not have the chance to see her again so they do not really have a choice.

    • penelopephoebe

      So much sadness, Anne. You and your family deserve a cracking year, next year. MRSA is so dodgy! Maybe he can view her through a glass window.

  2. Money day 🙂 lamb chops sounds nice! Have a good day Pen x

  3. Rocket Man

    Money day??? Sure could use a few of those over here. You’re right about Anne’s family deserving a break from the hardships.

  4. andro51

    Have you tried updating your drivers my wicked friend? You could easily do that and if the one that is causing you problems has a defect it can be updated…

    Have a look around for some freeware… Perhaps you might like to try http://www.computeractive.co.uk as they have a fangtastic array of freeware and many, many other interesting features too… I have used the website myself many times and can certainly recommend it… Don’t worry there are no viruses or other nasties lurking around in there either so that is a bonus… I hope this snippet of info helps?

    Yes your dog is indeed a brave one having a dip at this time of the year… lol Have a ghoulish day today Penny…

    Androgoth XXx

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