New Job

Terry has got a voluntary job in a charity book shop and is loving it. This is an upmarket shop and the quality of the books is top drawer. Needless to say, we have already bought three books in immaculate condition and several more are earmarked for our bookcases. One of the books is The Collected Poems by John Betjeman and has Peter Cushing’s signature inside. How cool is that? Peter Cushing lived and died in the town of Whitstable which is another coastal town not far from Margate.

One type of book we shall not be buying is cookery books. I already own far too many and belong to several cookery sites on the internet.

Yesterday we bought a George Foreman grill and it is wonderful. We had grilled steaks for dinner and the grill really does impart a char grill flavour. It is a healthy way to cook food as well.

Wendell blotted his copybook today by shredding a large paper tissue. He had only just been given a new chew, so he has no excuse.

000_0002 Right, time to hull strawberries for dessert.



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5 responses to “New Job

  1. andro51

    What an excellent opportunity to purchase books of all descriptions, and also helping the charity with its funding at the same time… Is he enjoying this new posting penny? I would imagine that this is a very interesting job, especially if one is a book lover.

    Hey you’re right about those George foreman Grills they are excellent and definitely a worthy kitchen appliance, and they clean so easily don’t you think? Yes I am a domesticated male of the 21st century, I can cook, clean, polish, hoover and even iron now how wicked is that for a Jolly Vampire? lol

    Hey I even wash up, dry and side everything, I’m pretty good at shopping for groceries and even opening the odd bottle of wine too but that’s another story and I don’t want to be wittering on your blogs too much… lol

    Have a lovely day today Penny, yes that means you, your hubby and your pets… Be good now… Androgoth XXx

  2. andro51

    I will be back on the morrow for a longer browse around your excellent Space, I have been rather lazy in trying to keep up with everything around here at WordPress but I will certainly make more of an effort from now on okay? Be good now, oop’s I have altready said that… lol Androgoth XXx

    • penelopephoebe

      Hiya Andro. Terry loves books so he is really enjoying himself. I am impressed with your domestic skills and yes, the grill is really easy to clean. Take care. Pen.

  3. Hello Penny,

    I love my George Forman – I’ve got one with dual controls so if I’m just cooking for 1 I only use 1 side – it’s brilliant.

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