Sometimes, just old plain will do.

I agonised for ages over how to cook my duck crown. In the end I decided just old plain would do. I sliced the breasts from the carcase which I put on to simmer for stock. Then I just scored, seasoned and dry fried the breasts in a very hot pan and served them with new potatoes and salad. The red liquid in the glass is a strawberry cordial I made for Terry. It was delicious. Sometimes the easy way is the best.



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One response to “Sometimes, just old plain will do.

  1. andro51

    Mmmmmm… This looks absolutely yummy this does, especially the tall glass of red to accompany it, how wicked of you and I have also noticed that you have the snow falling on your pages…

    Hey Iope it doesn’t snow again, or I might have to add a cushion somewhere under my cape… lol

    Be good now Penny…

    Androgoth XXx

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