Turner Contemporary Gallery & other bits & pieces.

I went to the library today and had to pass the Turner Contemporary Gallery construction site.


I have copied this from a site on line:

About Turner Contemporary

Based in Margate, Kent, Turner Contemporary is a dynamic visual arts organisation that presents a wide range of exhibitions and learning opportunities to promote the understanding and enjoyment of visual art.

Work is currently underway on the new Turner Contemporary gallery which will open in spring 2011. Fully accessible, it will feature superb exhibition spaces, education facilities, a cafe and shop and will be one of the largest galleries in the South East, outside London.

Through its existing exhibition and learning programmes and with the development of the new gallery, Turner Contemporary is at the forefront of ambitious plans to revitalise the town of Margate, one of the country’s oldest seaside resorts.

Our trip into town is a pleasant one, with views of the sea, flora and fauna.


The wild flowers on this walk are quite stunning and varied.  I wish I had a better camera so as to do them justice.


The cannon in the above photo was taken from the Russians, during the Crimean war. 

Three new library books and tummies full of cockles with lashings of vinegar and we were on our way home.  We passed by the Tom Thumb Theatre: 

The Tom Thumb Theatre in Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, has only 60 red velvet seats and a stage measuring just 10x7ft, but has hosted a variety of plays and shows during its 20 years as a performance venue.  It was built as a coach house in 1896 before becoming a double garage and then being transformed into a theatre in the 1980s.   The theatre also features a dressing room, lavatories and a small kitchen as well as a self-contained flat upstairs.

PD*27597392Finally, this is a photo of the pub that is on the opposite side of the road where our house is.  No, we did not drop in for a drink or two.


Time for a coffee. 



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4 responses to “Turner Contemporary Gallery & other bits & pieces.

  1. To live across the street from a neighbourhood pub. How amazing. Like the art focus to revitalize community, to have vision enuff to keep spirit of art alive in an economic downturn, to have visual reminder of need for the nourishment of art. Enjoyed the post as it reminds I need to take camera with me more often.

    • penelopephoebe

      Hiya Happy. Yep, I have only just started keeping my camera in my handbag. It is getting mighty crowded in there.

  2. Hello, just coming by to say hello and send happy thoughts for tomorrow, leaving bouquet of rhododendrons, which grow monster huge in YVR, slice of pie and new deck of cards. Am thinking of you and hoping it’s a great tomorrow. Hugs

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