Longevity & Hope

My operation is only six days away and I find my thoughts turning to my own mortality.  I do not dwell on these thoughts with a morbidity but more with a sense that I may be leaving things undone.  My arthritis has had me living in limbo for a few years and now I am mobile, I have so many things I would like to achieve.

My first concern is I have not written a will.  I have little to leave anyone but I would like to be in control of what I have.  "Aha", I hear you say; "that is a morbid thought".  Well, no, not really, just a precaution.

The staff nurse at the hospital reassured me by explaining what a simple procedure I shall be undergoing but I worry about the aspirin I take.  What if I bleed too much and they forget I am AB negative.  Ah yes, more morbid dwellings.

What if the biopsy has a bad result?????

"Don’t be a big baby", I hear you say.  "There are many people far worse off than you".  I know this to be true and yet still mull over the lack of longevity in my family.

At the end of the day, things boil down to whether I have hope or not.  I have hope  in spades so I guess I must just put my trust in the professionals and relax about it all.



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5 responses to “Longevity & Hope

  1. Jessicas Japes

    I hope it all goes well, Penny. Be sure to tell us.
    Have you got the link to your recipe WordPress site? There some people who visit my WordPress blog who are keen on their food, they might like to see your blog.

  2. Louise

    Hey chick, you’re bound to feel a little apprehensive about surgery I know I would and for some reason we all worry about the unknown. I’m sure everything will go just fine, try not to worry too much ya hear xxx

  3. I read and did not know what to write. Not cowardly but sensed the need for ‘will’ and knowledge of mortality as real. Been there and I do not think it’s childish. There is always that combo of hope and worry/fear so I send ‘good vibes’ and think thoughts for courage, strength and prayer.

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