When I was a little girl my family found entertainment in playing cards. My parents held a regular poker school at their house and my childhood memories are filled with the sights and sounds of these exciting occasions. My parents also taught Bridge in a local hotel. Given this background, it is no surprise to find we children also grew up to love playing cards. Stashes of cigarette cards were hoarded and used as money. We gambled and fought very seriously over every game except one. The game of cribbage was played for the glory of being the winner. As I became an adult, I lost any interest in gambling but the love of playing cards remains. I never leave the house without a pack of cards and a travelling crib board in my handbag. When I lived and worked in Bath, I belonged to a pub cribbage league, which I miss very much. These days I play cribbage on line with people from all over the world and I still get a thrill when I play.




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2 responses to “Cribbage

  1. Wow! Cribbage. That brings back such great, great memories like finally getting cribbage and playing with mom and dad. Card games and board games were multiple passtimes growing up and there was no INTERNET and television rationed by strict (wise?) parents. Just reading this makes me want to waltz out to park with cribbage board and see who’ll play! Hope UR well as can be. Big wind storm (freakishly out of season) in YVR yesterday and today’s evening so calm it’s like, ‘Did that happen?’ Tree cutters and other services enjoying a windfall of work. Big Smiles

    • penelopephoebe

      Hiya Happy. If you ever play cribbage on line, let me know and I’ll give you a game. We may be having storms later today but not as bad as yours, I hope.

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