I spent yesterday running around clothes shops and going on a mini shopping spree.  It is a long time since I had any interest in the clothes I am wearing.  When I was younger, I spent a small fortune on clothes and accessories and had at least fifty belts.  I would not leave the house unless my hair, nails and make up were immaculate.  I can remember being that person but she is so far removed from who I am now, I can barely identify with her.

My brother Mike and his wife Charlotte are coming for a barbeque on the beach today.  Wendell will be coming with us and I can only hope he will be on his best behaviour.  The day promises to be another scorcher but at least I have remembered to buy high protection sun screen.  Right then, I had better get on with preparing the lamb kebabs.



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2 responses to “Clothes

  1. Robin

    Fifty belts!!! Blimey, LOL

    Enjoy your day with your family and Wendell behave!!!

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