BBQ on the beach

My brother, Mike and his wife, Charlotte came to visit today for a BBQ on the beach.  We had to go to Palm Bay because it is the nearest beach that allows dogs in the summer.  The beach was fairly empty,which was great and the day was glorious.  After Terry and Charlotte had gone for a swim, we set out a large disposable BBQ tray on a low wall and got cooking.  We had filet of lamb kebabs which I had marinated in a ginger concoction and skewers of mushrooms, capsicum and cherry tomatoes.  We had crispy bread rolls and coleslaw to accompany the meal.  Desert was strawberries and melon.  Needless to say, the men drank lager and Charlotte and I had soft drinks, all of which were kept cool in an ice bag.

Wendell was so hot, despite the shade he was in, he dug a huge damp pit and lay in it.  He only drank one bowl of water, though and refused to go for a swim regardless of Terry’s efforts to entice him.

We all had a brilliant afternoon, which passed all to quickly.  Still, there is plenty more summer to come.

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3 responses to “BBQ on the beach

  1. Robin

    It looks very relaxing.
    Glad you enjoyed your self.

  2. Love the blog name ‘Second Wind’. Sorry have not been by. A degree above 20 Celcius and brain just goes slow motion. I could never be a desert dweller. Happy to see you outandabout. The picnic smells delicious. What treats to just be at the beach. I live in neighbourhood pool.

    • penelopephoebe

      I know just what you mean about the heat affecting the brain. I remember the two of us complaining about the heat, a year ago, LOL

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