Yeah, yeah, keep out of the sun!


I think I may have mentioned I am suffering from prickly heat on my arms but I felt a photo would do more justice to the flaming reality of it. I look like I have the pox!

Yeah, yeah, should have used sunscreen, long sleeves or extra full length gloves. I have not dared to go out since this happened. Must wait for money day to purchase sun bloc. Ho hum….pre operation assessment tomorrow. See ya, Pen.



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20 responses to “Yeah, yeah, keep out of the sun!

  1. Karen

    Ouch! And the very best of luck for tomorrow xxx

  2. penny


  3. Jodine Derena

    Itchy! Jx

  4. Curiosity

    Oh dear that looks uncomfortable. A smothering of calamine would have been the thing in days gone past.Drink plenty of water is the thing for today isn’t it?

  5. penny

    @ Anne…Drinking and dousing in plenty of water, cheers.

  6. Curiosity

    Penny, it is water you drink and not via ice cubes in the Gin!

  7. penny

    @Anne…LOL, now you’re getting cheeky.

  8. Deb's

    ooh… that looks itchy, I have a couple of bottles of calamine kicking around the house for just such occasions, plus I love the smell of the stuff the question is … is it prickly heat or is it your subtle way of telling us you have the pox??? :))runs off for tin of paint to add big red cross to Pens front door… also >>>>> running cos I feel a slapping coming on :))good luck for tomorrows pre- op assessment x

  9. Sheila

    Ouch Pen looks nasty. Good luck for tomorrows pre-op thinking of you xx

  10. penny


  11. Happy

    Good Morning Penny, how dreadful. Hoping sunscreen (PSF 2000?) works so U can enjoy sunshine days. Sending positive vibes for today’s appointment for pre-op assessment. Amazing how brave we can be when we must. Big hug for today and I hope there is a splendid surprise :)

  12. Robin

    Morning Penny, is that rash just on your arm or all over? Hope all goes well for to-day.Love robin.xxxx

  13. penny

    @ Happy…Thanx for uplifting comment.@Robin…Thanx & it is just on arms & feet. Feet just too ugly for photo, LOL.

  14. Happy

    Hello Penny, had to take heat wave break as temp inland crawled to 32 Celcius and it was iccky. Cooler and cooling but I am dysfunctional in heat. Hope appts. went as well as can be. Sending hug for today and hopes for bright blessings.

  15. Happy

    Whew [moping sweat from double chins]. Got back here to the WLS blog. That was disconcerting. I now go to bookmark Second Wind. Bookmarking favourites makes blog walking so much more efficient. Cheers

  16. penny

    @Happy. All down to my confused approach to blogging.

  17. Happy

    Dear Penny, no it’s me. I am learning to multi-blog and to multi-visit. It is mucho brain demanding.

  18. Happy

    Er, did this clear? Me hope so.

  19. penny

    LOL Hiya Happy.

  20. oh that had to be sore Pen. See ya on the other side.

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