Morning out

As it was such a lovely day Terry and I took Wendell out for a picnic lunch. This was a proper test of my driving skills as we went quite a distance. We finally ended up at Botany Bay, famous for being the place our convicts were transported to Australia from. Wendell had a tremendous romp and I saw parts of this area I never imagined was possible, before I got my toot toot. We have returned home now, because both Terry and Wendell were getting a tad tired and foot sore. I have enclosed a couple of photos we took.



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4 responses to “Morning out

  1. Happy

    Good Morning Penny, happy the trio had a beach jaunt. Came to send Big Smiles and leave a bowl of blackberries which are huge this summer in YVR. Very juicy. Considering all rain and little sun surprised to see how well berries did. Was a quiet day of inputting edits to novel and then fingers got tired and neck sore. Drat. Am visiting in WLS and elsewhere and need to make a proper list of who went where. Quite a challenge. Some have not even

  2. Happy

    bothered to state where they went or are on a blogging break. LOL they will be in for surprise on return. Rather like a HS graduation and everyone goes in multi-directions. I posted in comments section two interesting posts about devolution of WLS. Apparently blogging becomes passe and now we are all into ‘sharing’. LOL

  3. penny

    @Happy…thanks for the gift of sunflower:-) I am using moisturised wet wipes for my arms, which helps briefly. I fear only time will heal this foolish mistake.

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