I am sad because I may have cancer.,  I must have 2 operations in 3 weeks.  I think all may be well but must have things checked out.  Who knows what will happen and who cares?  I feel sad but hopeful.  Pen!



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13 responses to “SAD

  1. Curiosity

    Oh Penny, my heart goes out to you. Tough times ahead waiting for results. Bitter/sweet day for you today it seems.

  2. penny

    Sorry Anne, feeling a bit drippy:)

  3. Robin

    You drippy, nah, just a bit of a blow that’s all.Of course you feel sad who wouldn’t.We are all here to suport you Penny in our own ways.Thinking of you and sending one of me Darzet hugs. Take care Penny, love

  4. ravingpoet

    Sorry to hear this penny. I’ll be thinking of you. J x

  5. Louise

    Well I care Pen, hope once you have had some tests it comes back more positive for you chick (((BIG HUGS))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Pat

    Don’t be sad – it won’t help – be positive or be angry, that can help! Your red Ferrari looks great.Hugs.

  7. Richard

    I am very sory to hear this and hope you will be well

  8. Pen, Dont give up. I have seen what can be done to some . Dont give up.Keeping you close to my heart and in my prayers.Hugs xoxox

  9. Happy

    Penny, oh Penny I so give you hug and can only wish for good care and send positive thoughts for you. I would feel sad and mad too. Oh, dear one I wish I could say magic words. UR in my prayers.

  10. penny

    Sorry guys. I had a little drink after my visit to the hospital and got a tad maudlin. Ever the optimist, I am sure it will prove to be something inconsequential. Thanks for your kind words. Pen.

  11. Sheila

    Pen you have every right to feel sad my heart goes out to you, having an op to look forward to maybe not the best feeling in the world. I pray everything will be just fine for you, Hugs Sheila xxand another one ..x

  12. penny

    @ Sheila.. thank you :)

  13. Jodine Derena

    I’m sorry to hear this Pen… sending much love and hugs your way. Jx

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