I like riding on my toot toot!




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8 responses to “I like riding on my toot toot!

  1. Curiosity

    Very nice! Does it fold down to go into the car?

  2. penny

    Hita Anne. The seat folds down and the whole thing can come apart if you want to put it in an estate. As you can see from my cheesy grin, I love it!!!

  3. Curiosity

    Have you named your regal red chariot yet?

  4. penny

    @Anne…. you got me thinking there.. her name is Poppy, the poppymobile.

  5. Sheila

    Oh Pen Poppymobile yes I like that , it’s good that you can fold up and put it in the car. Love that cheesy grin oh and that balloon.Take care hugs Sheila xx

  6. Curiosity

    Good name and apt as she’ll be used to pop out, pop to the shop etc.

  7. Robin

    My my, don’t you look the ‘Posh bird’ in yer boy racer!!!!!Poppymobile, cool name for a cool lady.Love the colour too.Love Robin.xxxx

  8. Androgoth

    Yes I Was Just About To remark Upon Your Cheeky Grin.. lol Well you’re Certainly Having Fun On That Wicked Machine of Yours, Just Be Careful You Don’t Hit The Boost Button Before You’re Ready Okay? Nice Ferrari Red Too.. Excellent.. Be Good Now Penny.. Androgoth XXx

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