Well, for once I have something to write about.  A couple of months ago I applied for mobility allowance.  My arthritis has worsened over the past two years and walking outdoors is a very difficult and limited experience.  The letter and certificate arrived today and I will soon be the proud driver of one of those scooters I have moaned about in a past life, when I was fit and healthy. Take a look at this baby!


This will completely turn my life around.  Watch out world, I am on my way!  Hope everybody is having a great weekend.  See ya!



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12 responses to “Mobility

  1. Curiosity

    Only last year my Aunt succumbed to the lure and got herself one of these buggies. Life is so much easier for her now.I think it is brilliant that the means are about for people to be so independant and not rely on others so much. A far cry from the old Victorian bath chair!

  2. Robin

    That looks like a mean machine. LOLHave fun when you get

  3. Androgoth

    That’s A Wicked Looking Scooter Penny.. There’s No Way The Vampires Will Catch You On That Nifty Machine.. Be Careful On It & Don’t Be Doing Too Many Of Those Wheelies Okay? lol Just Kidding Be Well My Great Friend.. Androgoth XXx

  4. Richard

    A few raceing stripes and a flag and you are on your way

  5. penny

    Thanx my friends.

  6. Sheila

    Hi Pen I didn’t know you where having such a hard time with your arthritis sorry to hear this. It’s looks as though help is a t hand though bless you. Hugs Sheila xx

  7. penny

    @ Sheila…..I don’t like to admit these things but I was way too excited about my pending scooter. Thanx:)

  8. Musicman

    Help! You’re in Kent too, aren’t you?? I’d better stay off the roads! LOLGlad it will give you more independences, Penny.

  9. penny

    @Musicman….You better watch out, snigger!

  10. Androgoth

    Of Course You Could Always Hitch a Lift With Me As I FlapMy Bat Wings Over Transylvania? Thank You For Calling ByPenny.. Have A Fangtastic Thursday Now.. Androgoth XXx

  11. andro51

    Okay so I have already commented on this one before, however seeing as you’re probably an expert on this wicked machine by now I figured that an update is called for… You know, like how many wheelies you’ve managed, how many points you’ve earned (Death Race 2000 Points I Mean? lol) and are you thinking of an upgrade? Rocket Boosters Perhaps? lol Well I only asked… lol Be Wicked Today – I Always Am…

    Androgoth XXx

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