All grown up!

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6 responses to “All grown up!

  1. Angela

    Awwwww :)

  2. Curiosity

    Wendell is just too gorgeous. The look on his face that he has to give in to the cats! so sweet.

  3. Happy

    Good Lord Wendell is all grown up. He looks like he has show dog potential, his poses seem to suggest, to me, a yen to perform and win a wall of ribbons. Er, of course, I could be totally wrong. And how are you? Just continuing to enjoy life – er, sweeping a lot of lava ash out of the back yard? Big Smiles

  4. Happy

    Er, is this like, ahuh, time lapse photos and we just revisit and watch them grow?Big Smiles

  5. Happy

    Good Morning PennyRidiculously I cannot leave the usual Good Morning at Guest BookAnd once again Privacy Settings made our network ‘Friends’ and it’s just all out there again.We did that in Wave 3. Boring!

  6. Happy

    Hi Penny, yes a bit wearying as blog space basically what it was.No amazing new themes (‘cept for profile page) and just a whole lotta connectivity.Also space limitations on how much we can say.How little I knew my recent post praise of Guest Book was a eulogy.Hope UR well. I’ll see what you have at Word Press

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