Too Long

I was browsing through my space the other day and noticed there was not even one post for the month of February.  How lazy I am becoming.

Since Terry started work again, three weeks ago, I am slowly coming to terms with spending my daytimes by myself.  Wendell cannot believe the attention he is getting!  You can almost hear him sigh when I throw his ball for the hundredth time.  It is great for Terry and our finances that he is employed but dare I say I am bored and a tad lonely.  Terry and I have been in each others company for two years, 24/7 and I think it is going to take a while to adjust to being on my own, during the day.

My brother’s wedding photos have finally come through and can you believe I am not in a single one, despite hundreds having been taken.  Not that I mind, though, because I really do not shine in photos.

Well, I cannot think of anything else to write, so I shall sign off now.  See ya, Pen.



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13 responses to “Too Long

  1. Louise

    Hey chick, it’s bound to get you feeling like that after all that time, it’s hard when things change so drastically in any situation. I’m sure you’ll find something to do again and now spring is here you’ll be able to get out and about more with Wendell, endless ball throwing in the sunshine hehehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. penny

    @ Lou….cheers mate.

  3. Karen

    I hope you’re not too fed up Pen, I can farm some housework out to you if you’re REALLY bored :) xxx

  4. Curiosity

    Bet you do feel lost without Terry under your feet all day, daresay you will get used to it and soon be off in the day finding new things to amuse yourself with.Bet he feels weird having to get up and go to work!

  5. Richard

    Get board I have snow to shovel lol

  6. penny

    @Karen…not THAT bored.@Anne…He has adjusted really well; even the 6a.m rise has not fazed him.@Richard…Nooooooo!

  7. Sheila

    Good to hear Terry’s back in work I hope you adjust very soon Pen. Hope you enjoy the weekends tog and Wendall any photo’s ? I have also a few jobs in the garden you could help me with. xx

  8. Androgoth

    Penny..Looks Like You Could Do With A New Hobby, Perhaps Some Painting Or Photography? Maybe Even Something More Adventurous Like.. Well I’m Sure That Your Own Thoughts On This Will Be Best As I Might Add Something Wicked.. lol Just Kidding.. Have A Wondrously Fine Wednesday Now.. Androgoth XXx

  9. Robin

    Hi Penny, so glad Terry has found a job and hopefully you will soon adjust to being on your own during the day. You haven’t posted any photos of Wendell lately he must have grown a lot.The warmer weather will bring new life to the garden and walking Wendell should be better too.What did he think of the snow? I supose you had some?Take care Penny, love

  10. cheryl

    Hi Pen,Good to see you around. I hope that you will settle into your new space soon, am sure it is pretty strange being without Terry all day after so long. I’m sure that soon it won’t seem so odd. Spring will surely lift your spirits. And there are always periods in life where we seem a little lost and unsure of what will happen next. Take care, Pen and woofs to Wendell :)) xxPS There’s always Orbing…quite fancy that myself!! :D

  11. Martin

    Hi,It is good to know Terry is back in work but as you say it has its downside to unless your name is Wendell LOL

  12. Deb's

    I was the same way Pen, it took me a while to adjust to the hubby going back into work and we had just shy of 3 years together 24/7, there are times when I still miss his company through the day… it will get easier and more so with the warmer weather coming gives you a chance to be out in the garden… the funny thing is I get the same way after he has been on holiday, and most Mondays truth be known… ((hugs)) xXx

  13. Happy

    Things adjusting after a few months? Great for the household.Did you find some options to overcome The Big Lonely and/or laziness?Hope all is well.

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