These are a few photos of my lovely granddaughter eating her pud.



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12 responses to “Lovely

  1. Androgoth

    PENNY..Yes definitely a healthy appetite there I see.. Right I think it’s time for a midnight snack, I’m rather hungry after seeing your Granddaughter enjoying her Pud.. Have a most wicked Friday Penny..ANDROGOTH XXx

  2. Richard

    See part of your self in that lovely face . The circle of life goes on

  3. Pat

    lol – she is very cute, but is "eating" the right word? – perhaps, "spreading it around her mouth" is more accurate!

  4. Happy

    What a sweetie.Contrast of this post with previousquite ironic.Hope the storminess coming to conclusion in Margate area?Or still knitting extra woolly mittens and bun warmers?Good Night Pen

  5. Curiosity

    She is enjoying her grub alright, bless her. Love those curls! Izzy is lovely.

  6. Sheila

    What a little beauty hope you are enjoying your weekend. xx

  7. Happy

    Hello Pen, love new Wilt poem [16/01/2010], the analogy, for meat how this sounds like a plant but also people who come along to helpPoem works so many levels, including that the fragilemay appear fragile but are growingwithin that ‘purity’ you mention.And then intrusion.Odd way, as Aboriginal woman, had me thinking too aboutcolonial endeavour …Really great to read new poemHope 2010 a great writing year

  8. Theres a place on the web that you can make some very nice pages with her photo . Books , calenders or just one page with backgrounds and letters. Pen you should try it. Downloadable and free. Some pages you have to pay for but.. there is lots to choose from free. I did try one page just to see it. I have too much on the go right now to use the whole program. Its called Scrapblog. Love the curls.She is a doll.

  9. Deb's

    morning Penny ((hugs))gorgeous pics… I still get just as messy when I eat… not quite all over my face but i usually end up with food down my bra… or on my clothes.xXx

  10. Happy

    Hello Penny: Done snowing there? YVR doing rain. Possible snow up on mountains.YVR quite alive for 2010.Went brain dead for a bit after a project + a bit of end-of-January blahs.Although no snow, the greyness seems to extend winter.Been working on Susannah again. Learning more about her…writing is tough. Having to create another person making me wonder how well I know myself. LOL. Makes me appreciate Doris Lessing much more, like her story of the well-intentioned squatter Alice Meling. What a story and what acute insight.Hope UR as well as can be.

  11. Martin

    Now that is a happy little lass

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