Cold, Tired, Hungry

Have I been to the North Pole?  No, I have just returned from the ice rink that doubles up as our road, with a cold and wet Wendell in tow.  I am looking forward to tomato soup and a cheese toastie now.  Gosh, this weather is just too awful for words!!!



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7 responses to “Cold, Tired, Hungry

  1. Curiosity

    Mind if I join you for that soup and toastie?! I walked the couple of miles to town, loaded up with shopping then sat in the bus station for 20 minutes until a tannoy announced the buses were suspended! Long upward walk home with bags, too hot for coat, fingers and ears cold, only to be mauled by the dog who knew exactly which bag had her xmas present in it before I even got my boots off! Have only been in 3 minutes now. OMgoodness, a bus has just gone past!!!!

  2. Technogran

    Put your skates on next time Penny! LOL and let him pull you (or invest in a sledge.) I love it but it is icy. Its all melting here now…..

  3. Happy

    Saw on our news the big snow storms, disruptions and such. So sorry. Hope your heating system working faithfully well. What storms! We survive drenching rains. Best wishes for Mid-Winter celebrations.

  4. Deb's

    hiya Penny ((warming hugs))that soup sounds pretty good about now, merry christmas to you and yours hunwith much love and hugs debsxXx

  5. Jessica

    The snow’s okay, but it’s the icy pavements that are the real pain. Take care, Penny.

  6. Happy

    Hope you surviving snow storms and are safe, warm and contented.

  7. Richard

    Ha . You got a taste of Canada lol Yes it is ower fault for your winter lolWant me to bring by plow over lolSory I should not make fun of the Brit’s , since they where never prepared for a taste of the North News says it may be the worst winter in a 100 years there . We were -20’sfor a week here and am now up to T shirt weather -2

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