Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars eating a dead seal



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11 responses to “Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars eating a dead seal

  1. Hmmm/ Penny I dont think I can watch this one as the title says it all.Just stopping in to say hi.Hope your well and getting somewhat ready for Christmas.

  2. Robin

    Very interesting Penny.

  3. Curiosity

    This is an excerpt from the BBC series ‘Life’ and narrated by guess who?…..yep, David Attenborough, that was shown at the weekend. Every episode has been jaw droppingly brilliant. This one was about marine life and is incredible. The end of the programme shows how some of it was filmed and that is amazing enough by itself!

  4. Sheila

    This is brilliant Pen this is the one episode that I missed , and of course David Attenborough. I will be watching it later on this week. Hope you are having a good day. Sheila

  5. Richard

    My God you are getting high tech , lol Very Good

  6. Martin

    Amazing stuff, now what to have for breakfast :-)

  7. Happy

    Wow if I grow really slowly I might live to a great age! I shall only eat half a doughnut from today. The worms with harpoon-like snouts is not quite the image I wished to take to bedtime.

  8. Hi Pen.Thanks for stopping. It was cold today but nice to be outside. I wasnt sure of my footing in that deep snow getting up to the fence . Once I did it was easy to go back in my steps back onto the road. There were so many horses with that one lady . She was the only one I could get to even come close. I m sure I will go back when the snow is a bit harder. Im outside everyday so Im getting used to it I think. Lisa

  9. Happy

    Er, I think they’ve eaten the seal twice Pen.Hope UR well as can be.Big Smiles

  10. Deb's

    hiya pen ((hugs))I actually got dizzy watching that…lolhow you doing and are you still off the ciggies?hope you are welllove and hugsdebsxXx

  11. Happy

    Hiyah Pen, Hope UR well as can be. I am hibernating. Very grey with no light (sun, moon, stars) and heavy rainfalls. At least no snow/ice in YVR. But am just sleeping and getting that chubby winter look. Also not feeling Christmas motivated just yet . . . spirit there within but, perhaps, with last Sunday of Advent concluded will be one of those years where I slide into Christmas rather than entering with high-spirited zing. And, figgy pudding has been enjoyable research. Is it a pudding? Bread? Cake? Cool to see a recipe centuries old.

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