The sun is shining and so is our home.  One benefit attached to giving up smoking is the abundance of nervous energy that seems to ooze from every pore. All the appliances in the kitchen have been dragged out and scrubbed behind.  The ceramic tiles are gleaming as is the oven.  Even the carpets have been shampooed. Wendell’s walks have increased and I think he is beginning to tire of playing fetch!

I still feel a sense of loss but I think we are over the worst now.  I still have coughing up 35 years worth of tar to look forward to…..oh yuk!! Anyway, must dash; take care, Pen.



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12 responses to “Shiny

  1. cheryl

    Shame you live so far away, Pen, my flat could do with you, lol…it isn’t that bad really, btw! Glad you’re doing so well, am proud of you!! Have a good day, Pen…it’s very cold!! xx

  2. Chris

    I really ought to do something (again) about packing in with the smoking.Good on yer saus – keep it upTCCx

  3. Sheila

    wooppeee Pen well done, keep it up hugs to you xx

  4. Brent

    Way to go girl.

  5. Curiosity

    Well done. It does feel good doesn’t it when the house is tipped up and cleaned.

  6. Robin

    Good for you Penny.You must feel very proud of your self.

  7. Richard

    You can clean my house if you get more energy lolI would not mind at all

  8. ravingpoet

    Hope things are good with you – are you still nicotine free? My sis tried to give up and went to an NHS group, but they only met for 6 or so weeks. She felt she needed longer. She finds the Nicorette inhalers useful. Have you tried them? J x

  9. Happy

    What great news! And loved description of energy redirected. So pleased for you Penny but even the carpets? I did chuckle a bit at the Wendell comment, my imagination visioning a dog weary hound sneaking off for a nap. Hooray for Penny.

  10. Deb's

    morning Pen ((hugs))don’t you find that you have alot more time on your hands because you aren’t wasting it smoking… on average each cigarette would take anything from 5-15 minutes to smoke… times that by however many you smoked in a day and suddenly every hour of the day becomes what it should have been… time not dominated by smoking… cos even when you finished one you’re stressing over when you are going to have the next n hugsdebsxXx

  11. Happy

    Just cyberstrolling. Reread your post and the studio looks like such devastation that I hang my double chins to chest in shame. Sigh. Seems there are just not adequate hours in a day to do all the fun stuff and keep a home worthy of drop-in by Royalty. Hope you are well and the hacking not disturbing neighbours too much. Just teasing. Take care.

  12. Angela

    Hey, thanks for stopping by. I quit smoking quite a few years ago now, and aside from a few transgressions (isn’t stress a wonderful thing?), I feel much better for doing it – and so does my pocketbook!Keep up the good work. :)

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