Wobbly is the best way to describe my condition, this morning. It is two days since I gave up smoking and the withdrawal symptoms are many and diverse.  I have washed, polished and put away my ashtrays.  It feels like turning my back on old friends.  Terry gave up smoking three weeks ago and is already over his craving stage and is able to provide some support.  I have tried to stop smoking tobacco before, with no success but it feels different this time.  Wish me luck, for I shall need it to go along with my not so steely resolve.  See ya, Pen.



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18 responses to “Wobbly

  1. Pat

    Hi Penny,That ad should give you enough incentive! Addiction is a terrible thing – but you can get through this and you will be so much better for it. Throw the ashtrays away!

  2. Technogran

    Stick with it Penny! Do like I did and Pat suggests, chuck everything that reminds you of smoking, the ashtrays, etc. When you feel ‘wobbly’ go for a walk in the fresh air. Breathe deeply and slowly. Savour being able to breath deeply! Savour all your food, cos soon you’ll be able to taste it again! Don’t go anywhere where you used to enjoy a smoke! Change your routine so that for example, if you used to have one when you got up with a cup of coffee, don’t have a coffee, drink an orange juice instead! Most of it is habit and its that you have to break. As soon as you feel the temptation come over you, do something else……….I beat it, you’ll be so pleased with yourself afterwards.

  3. Happy

    So totally support you Penny. I hope it is a major turning point. Know how stubborn you can be so it’s good to hear it feels different. I’m up. Waiting for pain pill to kick in/knock me up. Was one of those arthritis day. Ridiculously puffy hands. Am rooting for you. Prayers for you and big hopes. Trying is better than not giving it a go.

  4. Musicman

    Stick with it, Penny. It will be worth it both financially and more importantly healthwise in the days ahead.

  5. Robin

    Good luck with it Penny.You have gone two days so far and it must be helpful that Terry has given up too.Save the money and treat yourself to something.One day at a time Penny.xxxx

  6. andrew

    a wee hint ,all the money that you would burn put in a jar and at the end of the year or when ever you will have enough money to treat yourself and terry my late father did that and when it came to new car time it was a merc rather that a ford .. good luck penny to both of you xxdrew

  7. Sheila

    hi Pen good luck my brother has always smoked he has tried time and time again to stop. You are doing really well.Go Girl …

  8. Curiosity

    I really do hope you succeed and feel the benefits in your purse and your health soon. There is some good advice already dished out here and one day soon I am sure you will be adding your own tips to someone elses plea for support.

  9. cheryl

    Lots of great advice here, Pen, so shall keep it simple and wish you loadsa luck. xx

  10. Deb's

    hiya Pen ((huge hugs))well done!Just remember the first few days are the hardest that’s the withdrawal from the nicotine stage, anything after that is purely breaking the routine of it and that is when your stubborness can work for you rather than against you… you’ve made the choice to live… for yourself and for your family, to see your gorgeous Izzy grow up. all great motivators and reminders of why you stopped. I know when I stopped I used any and every positive reason I could find, so family, friends, health and even the money we would gain because of it. The main thing is it felt different when I stopped too, and now I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke at all it makes me nauseous. The other good thing is your home will no longer be smelling like an ashtray and that is something everyone will enjoy, it was one of the first things I noticed a definite improvement in.hang in there it does get easier.love and hugsdebsxXx

  11. Happy

    Just scooting over to do a bit of cheerleading! Go, Penny, go.

  12. Martin

    You can do it :-) each day gets easier and it will be a year before you know it

  13. Richard

    Good luck my friend , it is very hard to do

  14. Happy

    Hello Penny, hope you are surviving and well.YVR awash in truth of predictions for mid-November autumn storms.Rip roaring winds and drenching rain.Reason to rotate umbrella collection.Hope all goes well.Shall check PP for seagull recipes

  15. Sheila

    Hi Pen hope you are doing well especially in the smoke department. Take care and have a good weekend xx

  16. Happy

    Cheers. This campaign of endurance goes well?Am rooting for you.Hope not too too rainy in Margate and all OKIt (surprise) is raining fiercely again tonight in YVRbut no big strong winds so feel less threatening.Rained so hard this week, rain woke me from deep sleep.Still unspired. A poet not in the mood.Take careS

  17. Happy

    Morning Penny, Just trotting about spaces and seeing what’s new?Hope you are as well as can be. No rain in YVR this A.M. which feels just plain unusual. LOLWe are drenched and drying out.Big Smiles

  18. Deb's

    Morning Pen ((hugs))how are you today?xXx

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