Smiles all round

The sun is a golden ball in an azure sky and if it were not for the need to wear a coat, when out and about, you could be fooled into thinking we were basking in summer sunshine.

Wendell is allowed back on our local beach and frolics up and down the golden sand, chasing seagulls.  Apart from us, the beach is usually empty of people and dogs.  On days like this, I feel blessed.

Terry has had flu for a fortnight and has given up smoking!  The pressure is now on me to do the same.  We shall see.

My beautiful granddaughter has her first birthday next week.  How time flies!!  Right, I am off to prepare my liver and bacon casserole for tonight’s dinner.  See ya, Pen. 



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7 responses to “Smiles all round

  1. andrew

    summer sun one minute then cold rain the next the weather in glasgow cannot make up its mind mores the pity birthday greeting to your granddaughter xxdrew

  2. cheryl

    Sounds beautiful, Pen! The sun is out in Sheffield and blue skies…doubt it will last, though!! Sympathies to Terry…they do hang around for ages. Mum gets a cold and it lasts for months!! Hope he is well soon. Happy birthday to your grandaughter…time sure does fly!! Have a great weekend, Pen….feel the sun on your face and and embrace it! ;-D xx

  3. Sheila

    Hi Pen that sure does sound tasty must check out your recipe sight. Blue skies they are very welcome this time of year it’s cold but when the suns out its bearable. enjoy your evening and tasy supper. xx

  4. Karen

    Well done to Terry for giving up smoking, and you will do it when you decide I am sure, my OH gave up but only when he had decided for himself. Happy first birthday to your granddaughter luv Karen x

  5. Curiosity

    Big Happy Birthday Izzy

  6. Jennifer

    How sweet weather, Pen. And so many good news, beach walk, quit smoking, and upcoming B-day. May our lives always be saturated in abundance=]

  7. Deb's

    evening Pen or is it Morning ;))I hope Terry recovers quickly from the flu… congratulations for getting off them.It makes it harder for you both when one smokes and the other doesn’t …so there is bound to be guilt felt on both your parts, I think I was lucky in that I was the only one smoking in our house, the hubby never has. when you smoke … I know that you tend to punish yourself and make yourself feel so guilty …well I know I did, but no matter what anyone else says to you or about you smoking …it has to be your choice and your decision to quit. Happy birthday to Izzy … and hope you all enjoy the daylove n hugsdebsxXx

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