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 Safe – Silent Witness – BBC One

Thank goodness for catch up TV or I would have missed one of my favourite programmes; Silent Witness!  What a brilliant, fictional forensics drama this is.  There are no garish colours or flashing lights. There is no coy censorship of body parts; just good old slice and dice with a damn good plot thrown in for good measure.  We Brits really know how to make gripping entertainment.



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15 responses to “Gripping entertainment

  1. Musicman

    Few and far between I feel these days, Penny. This is one of the better ones. I do find our versions of this crime stuff a little depressing, some how the US ones seem to convey a more optimistic view while still being gory and well scripted. Remember ‘Morse’? That was better quality.

  2. Pat

    Gritty British realism or glitzy American fantasy? Perhaps I will read a book…

  3. Happy

    I have never heard of this program. As do not have cable television will have to see if it’s on at the neighbour’s place. LOL Sometimes I ‘borrow’ an hour or two of television at GFs place.

  4. penny

    @ Musicman…Morse still rocks@ Pat…I still manage to read a book a week despite my penchant for "trashy" T.V.@ Happy…I hope you get the chance to see this programme.

  5. Chris

    I only saw one of these, favouring "Waking The Dead". Still, as you say, it’s a good prog. And yes, Morse does still rock !LOL

  6. ravingpoet

    i missed this – i usually hear about good drama after it’s been shown, tho i did manage to catch the first part of ‘Murderland’ with Robbie Coltrane on Monday. Did you see that? J x

  7. Deb's

    hiya Penny ((hugs))I’m with Kwit on this one… I lurrrve waking the dead.but I could never get away with Morse, more likely because every time I saw him I kept hearing the tune to the Sweeney.have a great weekend love n hugsdebsxXx

  8. Robin

    Hi Penny, yeah i like the programme.Missed this episode too.

  9. Happy

    I comment here…again…Dear Penny, The Ghost Ship, most amazing poem with lines like ‘a fading beauty swift to rage’ and ‘wielding covert endearments like a knife.’ More the idea of the analogy to a person living as a ghost ship… just beautiful beautiful text imagery. You are such gifted. More!

  10. penny

    @ Happy…praise from you is praise indeed! Thank you.

  11. Happy

    :) Like black kitty on home page and the phases of moon widget. Ah, where did recipe blog link go? I just liked drooling over the recipes. I may have missed it. Have eye appt. Nov. 9, 2009. Hope it was goodish day for you. Drenching downpours continue, enough so I would welcome a heat wave. Is it possible to have 200% humidity? Well, gee, I dunno. Take care.

  12. Happy

    O.K. found a way to site. Love the Grayson quote. Nothing like a baked potatoe (drool). Don’t take much to make me happy. Bit late to start baking potatoes though. Well, late in YVR. And I love the title of the book,’Adventures in Contentment’. Who was Grayson in 1907?

  13. I would have loved to view this. I cant living in Canada. I have to go to utube and hopefully watch it there.On the same I tried to watch" BlackHawk Down" again this week and just couldnt. I have to turn the channel. It’s too much being a true story. Have a great day / night PenLisa

  14. Martin

    I think I shall have to rediscover this series, slipped after the original cast changed but your review has me thinking perhaps I should give it another go :-)

  15. Happy

    I’m feeling a bit silent here…Howyahdoin? RU good? Like what’s up? Do not want to appear nosy? You alright?

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