It has been quite cold this week and my thoughts are slowly turning to central heating.  Gone are the days when I could flip the switch on the boiler without a care .  If it were not for the slightly impoverished circumstances I find us in, I would be basking in the 70s right now; or would I?  These days I find I have a "green" edged lining to my decision to hold fast and wrap a thicker cardigan about my ample shoulders.  I recycle, don’t own a car and shop locally but I feel my not automatically reaching for the thermostat on my boiler the second I feel chilly, has a more significant impact on global warming.  I know the methane produced by cattle is a serious contender for the bringing about our eventual demise but I like to think I at least did some small thing to avert catastrophe.


cow fart



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9 responses to “Brrrrap

  1. Martin

    I think we have all had that greener thinking banged into us and not a bad thing either I guess. Now I wonder could we bottle that methane and burn that in our boilers, would that be greener than letting it go to waste I wonder ?The further advantage is gas leaks would be very noticable LOL

  2. Robin

    Maybe a tube going into a boiler or something so when you get wind you can put yer bottom on the tube and then it could be stored somewhere for later when it’s needed. Er, does that make sense.??Like that last sentance Martin. LOL

  3. cheryl

    Yes, nowadays the heating stays off longer for 2 very good reason – finance and trying to be more green! And as for Robin’s suggestion, I would hardly ever need to use the heating in that case, lol. Too much information per chance?? Have a great weekend, Pen. Stay warm…brrrrrrrr!! xx

  4. Happy

    We just swaddle selves in sweaters, cardigans and wool socks in YVR as houses built for coastal climate and older homes not insulated – so why pay to heat the city? LOL Chillier here too and just a drenching downpour the past fourteen hours. Those medium sized drops with no space in between. Love the turkey meatballs (fowl balls?) recipe but what is zest? Is it a seasoning? Do not know this ingredient but appreciate adding to leftover turkey creativity.

  5. penny

    @ Happy…Zest is the thin, oily part of the skin of citrus fruit.

  6. Sheila

    I agree with The Goth prince entiley pen getting colder here this weekend. take care keep warm xx Sheila

  7. Happy

    Thank-you for letting me know what is zest. Word so suits the taste. YVR really colder evenings and have had to add the extra blanket. Would turn heat up a smidge but like to wait for 1 November, 2009. Kinda of a stuck habit but it is an economy thing and helps with averaging of heating bill. There’s a twelve month plan here where annual consumption (estimate) sets out what monthly billing. This means there are no big winter surprise bills. Having to wear socks again. I so dislike wearing socks. It’s a weird thing. Hope it is going well for you Pen. Re. the telly. Yes I so liked mystery/crime too and very much but some programs go a bit too visually viseral for me. I wish it not so because I like enjoy a good mystery puzzle. I read them now and words spare the visuals. Also TV helpful as am still on a keyboarding diet as physiotherapists assist with reducing muscle spasms and cramps. I did not think passive physiotherapy would be so helpful but glad to report great improvements. The colder weather adds to sausage fingers but physio also seems to be helping with the joint/muscle arthritis stuff. Hope you are well. Take care.

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