Our local beach is now open to dogs again and we are taking full advantage of this fact.  Wendell hurls himself into the breaking waves with fearless abandon.  It has rained solidly for two days and the three of us beach bums look like drowned rats by the time we get home.  Wendell loves inclement weather; the worse, the better as far as he is concerned.  He is such a plucky little chap. 

It is money day today, which means shopping.  This has become the high spot of my fortnight.  Whilst learning to economise has been a valuable lesson, I feel I could do with a swing in fortune now.  I could use a moment of wild extravagance!  Still, I don’t suppose I am alone in thinking that.  Oh well, we shall see.  Take care, my friends, Pen.



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11 responses to “Plucky

  1. Karen

    Yay for money day :) oh and belated happy birthday to youuuuu too. I’m with you in a wish for a change in fortune, ah well there is always that old lottery win… still eluding me though. Have a good day luv Karen x

  2. Deb's

    I think we’re all feeling the same way, I can’t remeber the last time we were able to splurge and not worry about the bank balance… ohh hang on it’s never happened.((hugs))xXx

  3. Sheila

    Hi Pen fun on the beach with little Wendell I can just see him now. Wile-e just does not like bad weather at all stands fast at the back door. I will I know I’ve said this before, take on the beach but still un sure how he will re-act to smaller dogs running around. I think I could do with a good spending spree to but never mind I put it to the back of my mind. Enjoy your day xx Sheila

  4. Philip

    Hiya Pen! :)It hasn’t been raining much up North, just on and off like always, but not much heavy rain. I’ve been doing the garden recently so I been outside, it’s getting colder every week, must finish before it gets too cold! Money day? LOL! I call it money week! hahaha.I didn’t put him in his place Pen, the man is a idiot and stuck in one restrictive way of thinking because of his ideology. I find alot of people are like this, even those who think themselve open minded, you should see them on Myspace! Ugh!Anyway, thank you for stopping by and say hello to the hubby for us. Take care and have a nice weekend.- Phil

  5. Deb's

    Good Morning Penny… ((hugs))have a wonderful day hunlove debsxXx

  6. Martin

    LOL, I can see him playing in the surf :-) Brave pup

  7. Happy

    Wow for Wendell. Isn’t the ocean very cold in October? Or, is Atlantic Ocean warmer than Pacific? So understand desire to splurge as there is a monotony to fixed income and annoying at times when pennies too precious. Take care.

  8. Robin

    I can see Wendell now on his surf board. Cool dude!!!’A moment of wild extravagance!’ Yep i know that feeling. LOL.Look after your self Penny, love Robin.x

  9. penny

    @ Happy. It is the southerly point of the North sea. Wendell seems not to feel the cold but he gets a good rub down.

  10. andrew

    the weather is a bit strange in glasgow clear blue skys 18 c you could almost sunbathe after dark i think the temp will drop quite a bit have a good day xxdrew

  11. Happy

    TX, now that I scanned atlas, that seems like very cold swim. Wendell must have super fur. YVR continues to bask in sunshine but it’s cold and this means the ‘normal’ usual joint stuff and sausage fingers. Quite annoying at times. Also must glove up for quick strolls.

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