Thank you

Oh well; another year older but not any wiser.  My birthday passed like a puff of smoke in the wind but was made tolerable thanks to a very thoughtful, younger sister, who sent me money for a present.  I felt a bit like a kid again, which was great.  Thank you to all my friends on FB who sent me birthday wishes.



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8 responses to “Thank you

  1. technogran

    Sorry Penny that I missed your birthday! Belated birthday wishes to you.

  2. .

    Your birthday?? how did I miss this? nothing came up on my calender! A very happy belated birthday to you penny. feel any older?……lolBest wishes & hugsxxxxx

  3. Jennifer

    AH Pen, it is your birthday?! Happy Birthday to you! SO sorry I missed it. Then you are one year wiser now, worth celebrating!:D

  4. Robin

    Happy belated birthday to you!Isn’t it great when you are given money just for you to spend on your self. Bet it doesn’t happen often Penny.Enjoy spending it. xxx

  5. Sheila

    Hope you had a lovely day Pen , you are certainly wise xx

  6. Jessica

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope your family spoilt you!

  7. » dave

    Hey Penny why didn’t you say so? All of us could have come over (or sent you money perhaps), now that would be interesting, breaking the virtual ribbons of friendship for the reins of reality!xx

  8. Happy

    Apologies for missing birthday. Glad you celebrated. Enjoyed ‘blue glass’ photo, so like a bird (Flikr site). I am quite impressed/amazed at how all locations managed. Extra hours in a day in Margate. LOL

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