Avaaz-The Global Climate Wake-Up Call



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8 responses to “Avaaz-The Global Climate Wake-Up Call

  1. Happy

    Thanks for post! Kept meaning to scour YouTube but forgot. :)

  2. penny

    @ Happy..Avaast sent me an e-mail. Great, is it not?

  3. Happy

    O.K. off topic. Totally enjoyed Picasa slide show of flowers! Love the photo shop effects. Did you create all those photographs. Just a really happy flower slide show. I do not know what it is but flowers fascinate me, their joy, dignity, beauty. Anyway know I am off topic. YVR just a splash of drenching rain bursts today. Delicious! Hope you are well Penny. Dental got all sorted?

  4. penny

    @ Happy….Picassa chose the flowers on my slideshow. I just chose the subject. You know me, happy to use anothers work, LOL. The toothache has subsided so I am back to ignoring the underlying problem. Ho hum. Hope you are well, Pen.

  5. Jennifer

    Thx for sharing, Pen! :DI’m overwhelmed by so many ppl from so many different continents, countries and regions gathering together to denote the wake-up message.

  6. Deb's

    morning Pen ((hugs))tis a powerful message … but don’t you find most people have do the best they can with the resources they have, but the ones with the power for real change … the governments do as little as they can get away with… just hoping that changeshave a good un hunhugsdebsxXx

  7. Happy

    Hiyah Penny, glad dental event in hibernation. So totally understand. Tried to comment at Blogger but have to subscribe to something or other…and that didn’t quite work. Have commented to other Bloggers before so this seems odd to have to do some type of ‘Atom?’ thingey. I’ll sort it out. Eventually. Life proceeds wellish but am startled it is already October. No rain YVR today, just pure sunshine and nicely poofy clouds. Hope you are well. Thought of you today as watched older DVD collection of ‘Chef’. LOL Take care

  8. Happy

    Good Morning Penny, I hope it will be a beautiful Sunday, perhaps, a stroll along the beach, now uncluttered of touri?

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