Sleepless in Margate

I have been asleep for half an hour when the night cramps waken me.  This is followed by lactic acidosis and now I know there will be no respite.  How I hate the pain that accompanies my aging process.  I know I have much to be thankful for but when this debilitating pain rears its ugly head, I feel self pity washing over me in waves. Maybe I shall sleep presently, maybe not but I shall be tormented a while yet.



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12 responses to “Sleepless in Margate

  1. Jennifer

    ah then drink less coffee, Pen! I am sleepless once in a while and I think it is due to the strong effect of the caffine.

  2. Jennifer

    UMn, maybe the mind also matters. Say if you have a lot of stuff to be worried about, then they will possibly keep harassing you when you are trying to sleep. Nature is a good therapy, Pen, as mentioned by our space friends Happy. Go out often and enjoy the sun. Let our minds be satuated with sunshine and positive energy. :D

  3. penny

    @ Andro….thank you.

  4. Martin

    I hope that sleep did find you and that pain faded with it.

  5. Happy

    Oh Penny, sorry to hear about such cramping pain. There is treatment for condition? Sometimes I think self-pity is healthy, a kind of self-sympathy. I know. I can be quite adept at self-pity. I hope pain treatment worked and got, at least, some sleep.

  6. Robin

    Hi Penny, self pity? Yeah why not? It’s your pain and your discomfort and it’s you that’s feeling it. Hope the pain has lessened now. Take care Penny, and hugs for

  7. Happy

    Hello, hope UR feeling better today?All this and dental.Big Hug

  8. penny

    Sorry about the whining….feeling great today.

  9. Curiosity

    I am sorry you felt so wretched and hope it has all subsided for a while and you have some good days before it inevitely knocks you for six again.

  10. Robin

    Morning Penny, whine away and don’t be sorry. So glad you are feeling better. It can’t be easy for you at the best of times and having to put up with pain and discomfort can drag you down.Can you treat your self to something to-day? That would be so good for ya!!!Take care Penny, love

  11. » dave

    part of my diagnosis, Pen was to spend aweek in a sleep clinic where they discovered my breathing was so shallow during sleep, my heartbeat was so slow, the lack of oxygen caused seizures it also explained why I was so stiff upon waking. I know it sounds a long shot but was suggested I wear a strip across my nose which footballers wear to gently open nostrils (and sold to prevent snoring) and the difference was noticeable. Worth a try to fight of the lactic, ask your doc.Hope you are feeling better!x

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