Crazy dog

Terry took Wendell for a walk on the beach further from home today.  On this grey morning, the beach was empty and Terry let Wendell off his lead for his customary swim.  A whippet appeared out of no where and startled Wendell so much he ran off.  In fact, he ran ALL THE WAY HOME!  Terry arrived home fifteen minutes later, all red in the face and puffing.  We were so lucky.  Wendell had to cross two roads to get home and how he did not get lost is a mystery.  I am so grateful my crazy little boy did not cause an accident or get injured.  He is fast asleep now; none the worse for his adventure.



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6 responses to “Crazy dog

  1. Jessica

    Oh that must have been worrrying, Pen. Glad he got home okay.I like your ‘Penelope Phoebe’ page. Any reason for setting that up?

  2. Deb's

    bless… just glad to hear they both made it home in tact. hugsdebsxXx

  3. Chris

    Your "Crazy little boy" ?I gope that refers to Wendell and not Terry ?he heA friends dog ran away while they were 20 miles from home and got back before them once. No one has a clue how it managed it…. Well, apart from me. I spotted it on my way to a job and tookj it home.LOLStill checking the other page – nice one.TCCx

  4. Curiosity

    Ooh! little pickle, would not have liked to be in Terry’s shoes, bet his heart was pounding and all sorts going through his head. Bet Wendell is not let off the lead for a while, at least not until he gets braver.

  5. penny

    @ Jess..sheer boredom

  6. Robin

    Crikey Penny, he was lucky. Thank goodness he got home ok. Poor Terry i bet he was worried.

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