Pain in the mouth!

Today, I have toothache.  Not the head banging, screaming out loud kind but painful never the less.  There is no such animal as a national health dentist for miles and miles, so I must do some research and then wait until next week.  The only upside of this, is my eating is now limited.

I have a fear of dentists that borders on phobia, so I cannot remember the last time I went.  I am so looking forward to the sharp intake of breath and shaking head that will follow my dental inspection.We shall see!

the dentist



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8 responses to “Pain in the mouth!

  1. Pat

    That will be from not removing all the lead-shot from the duck breast!

  2. andrew

    i know your not within a hundred miles of glasgow but glasgow has the best dental hospital in scotland where even some polish people come to study says a lot about glasgow dental hygeine.

  3. penny

    @Drew.. There are times when I dream about living in Scotland.

  4. Curiosity

    my sympathy to you. Dentists oooohhh noooo!

  5. Sheila

    Good luck Pen Hate dentists let hope you find a good one..

  6. ravingpoet

    ah, likewise. I need major major things done to my teeth. Have no money and phobic about drilling, impressions and… well actually having a dentists hand in my mouth! So, apart from a bucketload of cash to pay for it, I’d like to just wake up and find it has all been taken care of while I was asleep. J x

  7. Happy

    Oh Penny, so sorry to hear about dental agony. I totally empathize and so wish dental, which is a health issue, was covered by Canada’s national health plan. It is not. A major exception. Some of my fearfulness about dental care is the cost. I so send wishes that you located a dentist and one sensitive to emotional distress. I also hope I write and appointment set or happily concluded. Take care.

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