eye eye

octopus hyacinth macaw elephant giant clam chameleon hornbill dragonfly tree frog tarantula mantis shrimp cat eye human eye



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6 responses to “eye eye

  1. Sheila

    You are a marvel Pen love the piccies xx hugs Sheila

  2. Curiosity

    ever get the feeling you are being watched!Fabulous photos aren’t they though.

  3. Jennifer

    What’s the third one on the top? seems so scary!!!!

  4. penny

    @ Jen…elephant.

  5. Martin

    Aren’t eyes amazing things, in what they they do as well as how they look

  6. Happy

    What amazing collage. What curious beings we would be if we could not see this world we inhabit? Thanks for post Penny…how you managed with all wedding and visiting…I dunno. Big Smiles from YVR which was a lovely day of coolish-warmish sunshine. I don’t want summer to conclude.

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