The cowboy and his gal.

Well, my brother is now officially a married man.  The wedding was marvellous, individual and very romantic.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.  This was easily the happiest wedding I have ever attended,where there was a large group of people, both family and friends, who all got along, without one harsh word, even when the drinks started flowing.  My brothers outfit (The wedding was held at the hotel) was a cream suit with a poker royal flush embroidered on the back, snakeskin boots and black Stetson.  The bride wore a red fifties silk dress with cinched waist and full skirt.  She is only five feet tall and my brother is a foot taller.  They looked wonderful together.  Photos to follow.  We were greeted with pimms and after the ceremony we all sat down to a wedding feast.  When the food was finished we all left the hotel and crossed the road to the grass in front of the beach for an endless photo session.  The last time I was hugged so much, I must have been five.

I saw people I have not seen in twenty seven years and family from all round the country.  It really was a most splendid and heart-warming day. Terry and I left before the dancing and buffet because we did not want to leave Wendell alone any longer but my sister told me that the evening went as well as the rest of the day, when she and her husband came round for dinner, yesterday.  Today is reserved for rest and recuperation.  I shall post photos later on as I did not take any but left it to the professional.  See ya!  Pen.



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9 responses to “The cowboy and his gal.

  1. Pat

    Sounds great – but you didn’t tell us what you were wearing! – after all your worries, I am sure you found something just fine. Thanks for stopping by and contributing some country associations.

  2. Curiosity

    It is good when a day goes so well and leaves a nice warm glow for ages after. I am sure Wendell will forgive you for not bringing him back a buffet doggy bag. Look forward to seeing the pics.

  3. Tricia

    Sounds like a wonderful family time. I also want to know what you wore in the end?? Hope to see it in the pics.

  4. cheryl

    Yes, I had been wondering what you decided to wear aswell! Glad it was a good event, Pen. Hugging is good for you. I’m sure it releases happy endorphins or something lol (unless you don’t happen to like the person…). Have a lovely, happy and restful day, Pen xx

  5. penny

    Hey guys, I thought it did not matter what I wore, so long as I smiled.

  6. Tricia

    It’s the smile we want to see!!! The bigger the smile, the happier we know you were in what you wore!

  7. Sheila

    yes we want to see that smile hows the new haircut getting on, wonder if you have kept it up. Oh how i love a good wedding. xx

  8. Happy

    What a description of such a wonderful day :)

  9. Happy

    What did you wear? I’ll wait for the photos.

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