Heather   Heddy friend in Thailand Heddy in Hong Kong Heddy tiger

These are a few photos of my gorgeous, jet setting niece.  Before the wedding, I had not seen her in over ten years She has grown into a lovely woman.



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7 responses to “Heather

  1. Curiosity

    It is great to see a girl doing all the stuff in life that has just passed some of us by. I never had the time….if only I had made some. She is lucky it seems to be able to look back and know she grabbed opportunities.Hope she did not grab this tiger by the tail though!The tiger pic eclipses everything! Wow!

  2. penny

    @ Anne….. I was too busy getting married and raising a family to travel the world. I envy Heather her courage and opportunity. The tiger photo is real and amazing.

  3. ravingpoet

    I know what you mean – now my kids are older I’m begining to get bits of my life back, but for 5 of us to travel and see the world would need a millionaire’s budget! My youngest will be 18 in 6 years time – will I still be up for adventure in 6 years? Hmmmmm

  4. Jennifer

    Fresh coconut is simply too tempting, Pen! And your niece is a brave woman. I can never imgine lying with a tiger with bright smiles on my face!

  5. Sheila

    wow and wow again that fresh coconut looks wonderful. That tiger photo is amazing xx

  6. cheryl

    These are lovely photos, Pen, am green with envy xx


    Love the pictures and I also loved the Quiche recipe you blogged… I shall be trying that for definite..

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