It is three days to go before my brother’s wedding and I still have no idea what to wear!  Being very low on funds has not helped the situation.  This will be a gathering of the clan and there will be family there that I have not seen in over ten years.  I am really excited about it and must stop stressing about my outfit.  Wish me luck, my friends, Pen.



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16 responses to “Crikey

  1. Brent

    wear a smile, a twinkle in your eye and accessorize lightly. Oh, a dress is also recommended. what do i know?

  2. penny

    @ Brent….cheers lol

  3. ravingpoet

    I’m with Brent on this one. A smile and good accessories will win the day. Good luck. J x

  4. Tricia

    Oh yes, and comfortable shoes …. that way at the end of the day you’ll be the one in the photos with a real smile still in place!

  5. cheryl

    Lol am sure you will look lovely and all will be well, Pen. A pretty necklace and your smile will be enough. Hope you have a wonderful time and the sun shines on you all day…xx

  6. Curiosity

    Hope the day goes well for all.

  7. penny

    Still dead worried but cheers mates!

  8. Karen

    Enjoy yourself, and try not too stress about clothes, I know it’s confidence boosting to have a great new outfit but I am sure you will have a fab time even if you can’t get one :) luv Karen x

  9. Louise

    Hey chick, I wouldn’t worry too much cos i’m sure you’ll look great. Bet you have loads of stuff you could wear and it doesn’t have to be new just cos it’s a wedding, being there’s more important than what you wear and besides, nobody will care one the drinks start flowing and all the old men get up doing the dad dancing lol. Hope you have a fab time Bright Blessings xxx

  10. Technogran

    Good luck Penny! You’ll sort something out. As Louise has said, remember that once the drinks begin to flow, no one will notice anyones outfit anyway! Have a great time.

  11. Robin

    Hi Penny, I’m sure you will find something. I expect you would like something new but i know you money is tight so don’t fret spruce up something you already have!!! Get some glue and glitter, throw it all onto one of your dresses/skirt. Make a head dress out of the flowers in your garden and go as a Faery!!! Margates Finest Flower Faery. LOLPs, don’t forget your wand. (Fancy dress shop about £2.00.) x

  12. penny

    Thank you for your support, my friends. I feel a tad better now.

  13. Philip

    Hiya Pen! :)I’m a man and as such I don’t worry about clothes or how I look. In my mind a person is a person regardless of what clothes they wear, the old saying "Clothes makeath the man." is rubbish! I think you already know this anyone but you’re threating a little because you’re a woman! haha How sexist was that? ;)And yeh, people can only hold a belief and not know such things, you have a belief in theism or not, I don’t like it but everyone keeps saying, so that makes me a Agnostic Atheist! (O_o) Strang eh? hahaHave a good time at your party this weekend, Pen! :) xx

  14. Robin

    Have you found something Penny?Enjoy yourself what ever you wear. x

  15. Happy

    Something comfortable. Might I recommend a muu-muu? Just teasing. But everyone will be looking at the bridge anyway. I hope the ‘right’ outfit just falls into your hands. So know the decisioning of what to wear. Have a great celebration!

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