A popular pastime in Norway is jumping on the Kjeragbolten, a 5 cubic metre big boulder wedged into a crevasse of the Kjerag mountain. Though the ones who dare can climb onto the boulder without any equipment, there is a direct 1,000 m drop below down into the Lyjse Fjord.  Is that what you call between a rock and a hard place?




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10 responses to “Foolish

  1. Jennifer

    Ah how dangerous is that, Pen! And they call that pastime…unbelievable!


    I had better not go to Norway and try rock jumping there is only so much Granite will take heheeheheh

  3. andrew

    the scottish parliament would have this boxed in with a hugh exclusion zone but should a person get passed the zone there would be soft cushion material to stop yourself from any form of hurt when you land and safety netting all round just in case your aim was not great.well we do have to be protected from ourself’s ….

  4. cheryl

    Gulp…Not for me, Pen!! xx

  5. penny

    @Drew….we have our own nanny state down here, LOL.

  6. Androgoth

    PENNY..Yes It Sounds Like A Lot Of Fun To Me.. lolANDROGOTH Xx

  7. Happy

    O!Great!Crampons! Perhaps the 2010 NY Resolution list? Have a smiley week. YVR got a true rainstorm today!! An umbrella ripping rainstorm! Take care.

  8. Deb's

    I went dizzy just looking at that one and gawd forbid there is a strong gust of wind, ;))think I’ve caught up, loved the piccies of wee Izzy, you should be feeding the bairn though, poor thing was nigh on swallowing her fingers she was that hungry…. lolhugsdebsxXx

  9. Happy

    TX for well wishes! On my screen the lake in view is the most amazing teal.

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