A quiet belief in angels

Oh the joy of finding an exceptional author whose works I have not read before.  I am sure we all have our favourite authors, especially when our preferred reading matter is of the fictional novel variety; I know I do.  My favoured genre is crime fiction and I am as happy reading a trashy thriller as I am a classic such as Crime and Punishment, so long as I can get along with the style of writing.  Some styles of writing grate like a smithy’s rasp.  There are too many books I have cast aside after the first chapter, for just this reason.The name of the author who has inspired this eulogy is R. J. Ellory and his first book is called "A quiet belief in angels".  I challenge anyone who enjoys a good novel that is so much more than it’s plot, to read this and not feel enriched.  Enough said, really….I loved it!



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4 responses to “A quiet belief in angels

  1. Robin

    Might get it from the Library.

  2. cheryl

    Thanks, pen. I shall keep an eye out for that. I’m just reading The Alchemist after it’s sat on my bookshelf for a while…I’m really enjoying it. Sweet dreams (not Androgoths’ variety lol) xxx

  3. Happy

    Will add to burgeoning winter reading list…if I ever get to read again as explorations in chaos theory a bit of a mind crunch. YVR very, very, really muggy tonight. Ugh. The haze of smog so throat damaging and rather fits with your Vonnegut quote below. When will we get it? We have to breath the air. Thanks for book recommend. Good night Penny

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