Now that is what I call courage.

Hilary Lister becomes first quadriplegic to sail solo around Britain

Hilary Lister, 37, was applauded as she sailed into Dover harbour, in her home county of Kent.

Mrs Lister, an Oxford biochemistry graduate from Faversham, is disabled from the neck down.

Her specially-adapted vessel, an Artemis 20 called Me Too, was designed to be operated through three "straws".

They allowed her to control the boat using a "sip-and-puff" system. Mrs Lister said she was "hugely proud" of the six strong team who provided back-up throughout her series of 40 day-long sails.

On arrival, she declared: "I’m so relieved to be home but looking forward to the next challenge."

Mrs Lister began her voyage in May but had to be treated in hospital a month later, having been rescued from rough seas off Pembrokeshire.


HilaryThe courage of this brave woman leaves me breathless with admiration.  Next time I feel like complaining about the pain in my legs, I shall think twice.



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4 responses to “Now that is what I call courage.

  1. Robin

    That is one determined lady.Good for her.Hey Penny, you complain about your legs we are all like a winge. I see and hear stuff and i think i should be grateful for being pain free and have a pretty good life, but i moan too!!! Human nature. Well, my nature.Have a good day Penny. I’m off to the gym for an induction. LOLHugs for

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing the heart-lifting story of this brave and resolute woman, Pen! Sometimes I feel extraordinarily proud of our women heros, as a Chinese saying goes, Women raise up half of the sky!:D

  3. Happy

    Holy! This is just total inspiration Penny. I’m with you. The next time I whine about my arthritic hip just PM this to me. The human spirit is absolutely unquenchable. Thanks for post! Makes me proud to be a member of humanity!

  4. This is very Amazing . Great Story and this women is and will be unforgetable just like Canadas Terry Fox. Thanks Pen.

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