Small Vehicles, Massive Loads

Phew, some of these are well dodgy!

6 7 10



  5 1 9 8

  4 222 11



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7 responses to “Small Vehicles, Massive Loads

  1. Curiosity

    Good grief!!!!

  2. Happy

    I re-envision YVR as low-tech, human powered centre where ppl carry eggs, recyclables and, er, maybe not hay! These are amazing pictures, reminder that there are people-powered environmental ways to conduct daily business without adding to smog volume in YVR. Yet such ways considered primitive or backwards but tonight I see both back intensive labour but a reliance on human forms of power which do not destruct the earth. Thanks for post Penny. I hope you are fabulously well!

  3. Martin

    Can you image them with a Tesco’s trolly? Wuld had to be queueing behind them LOL

  4. Happy

    What I like about these photos is the contemporary history of people just living daily life. We all manage such similar tasks in a day although with different circumstances. Life in YVR continues to be quite dry and the moon moves to fullness. I grow uncomfortable with the lack of rain sprinkles although it is a lovely summer now as sunsets earlier the evenings cool down. Humidity evenings can be a bit icky. Hope you are well and Margate summer lingers on until the equinox. Big Smiles

  5. Tricia

    If ever there were a series of pictures which spoke to man’s determination and ingenuity … you got it!! The one with that class of kids simply blows my mind … and the boxes …. and …. well, all of them!!! Thanks for sharing

  6. Sheila

    Crikey Pen hope you are well and at least getting some sunshine . Take care xx

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